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Transcript Andrus Peat's conference call with Saints media

Offensive tackle was 13th pick in NFL draft

New Orleans Saints Offensive Lineman Andrus Peat

Conference Call with Local Media

Thursday, April 30, 2015

* *

What do you know about the Saints?  Have you visited with them?  Did you take a visit to New Orleans?

* *"Yes, I took a visit to the Saints and I really enjoyed it when I was there."

Did you have any idea the Saints were going to pick you tonight?

"I could tell that when I met with them that they really liked me.  I was just really excited when I found out that they picked me.  It's a great team and a great organization.  I am glad to be a part of it now."

Did the Saints give you any indication on how they would like to use you?

"They didn't really tell me where they wanted to play me, but I am ready to come in and contribute wherever they need me on the line.  I just want to come in and compete."

Do you assume that you will play left or right tackle?  Do you have experience inside?

"Yes, I've always played tackle so I feel comfortable playing both sides."

Is the terminology that you played with in college at Stanford similar to what the Saints use?

"Yes, I saw a little bit of that.  At Stanford we ran a pro style (offense) and West Coast terminology so I think it'll be a good transition for me."

Do you feel like you could play guard if you got asked to do that for a while?

"Yes, I feel like I could play anywhere on the line, wherever they want to put me I can play."

How long have you played left tackle?

"My whole career. I played left tackle."

Were you confident going into that 13th pick that it was going to be you?

"I really wasn't sure, to be honest, until I got a call from the Saints."

Have you heard from the Saints at all since that visit?

"I didn't, just that visit I met with them and talked to them then.  I didn't hear from them after."

Do you remember who you visited with and how that conversation went?

"I visited with pretty much everybody, the offensive line coach (Bret Ingalls), Head Coach Sean Payton, and it went really well.  Coach Payton actually knew my dad from high school because they were from the same area so we kind of had that connection, but I really enjoyed everybody and meeting with everybody while I was there."

The Saints have another player from Arizona who is a son of an NFL player named Cameron Jordan. What was the like for you, growing up with a dad that played in the NFL, to have that type of expectation level?

"I mean I've always had high expectations with my dad playing, and I've tried to learn as much as I can from him and take his advice because he's been there."

What's this whole process been like for you?

"It's been pretty crazy, but I've enjoyed it. I'm just excited to have my team now. I'm really glad to be a Saint."

What's been the craziest part of the whole process? I know a lot of prospects sometimes talk about the strange questions they get asked or the stuff that happens at the combine. What stands out to you through this whole long process that you have gone through?

"I wouldn't say that there has been any crazy questions or anything like that. I would just say that I've had a lot of visits over the past few months. So taking all of those visits and flying all around the country has been pretty crazy."

What was it like for you waiting all night to hear your name called as each name went off the board?

"I was a little bit nervous, and I was just trying to stay calm and wait for my name to be called, but it wasn't too bad."

What are your thoughts on the fact that the next guy standing behind you will be Drew Brees?

"That's such a huge honor to play for the Saints and block for Drew Brees. I grew up watching the Saints and him, and it's pretty special to be playing with them. I'm excited to come in, work, and just get better as a football player."

What do you see as the strengths of your game?

"I feel like I'm really athletic and that I have good feet. I also feel like I am a very good run and pass blocker."

What did you think when the other tackle was taken fifth by the Redskins? Did you think that you would go pretty soon after you saw that?

"To be honest, I really wasn't thinking about it. I was just waiting to hear my name get called."

Did you hear the news about La'el Collins falling from 1st round status?

"I really didn't know about that at all."

Did they run any zone scheme there in the running game at Stanford?

"At Stanford we ran inside zone, outsize zone, and gap scheme, so we did a little bit of it all. I've had some experience in different blocking schemes."

Stanford guys are known to be pretty smart. Do you think that will help you learn your playbook pretty quickly? Can you give me an example of what your academic life was like at Stanford?

"I feel like I am a pretty quick learner. I have always studied really hard on my playbook. I feel like it will be a pretty good transition for me coming in and learning everything."

Have you ever been to New Orleans before? What do you know about the city?

"I've been once just for my visit, but I've never been out in the city. I've heard a lot of good things about it, that it's a great city to live in and play in as well for the great fans."

How do you feel that playing at Stanford prepared you for the NFL?

"I feel like Coach (Jim) Harbaugh and Coach (David) Shaw did a great job of preparing us physically and mentally for the next level. Like you said, the blue collar mentality, we are going to be the toughest guys on the field. It's that kind of mindset. The guys at Stanford really helped me out, playing with a lot of smart guys and tough guys."

Any reason you gravitated toward a psychology major?

"I just thought it was something that was interesting to me. Also I'm thinking later of going into sports psychology, something in that area."

Have you heard of things Sean Payton does thematically in the weeks of big games, like giving out baseball bats or bringing in motivational speakers?

"I haven't really heard anything about that. That sounds pretty cool."

If you were asked to play guard, what are the difficulties of switching to tackle from guard especially for a guy your size?

"You're blocking different body types. Things happen a little bit quicker playing inside, but I feel like if I have to play that position I could do it well."

Associated Press photos of new Saints OT Andrus Peat.

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