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Transcript - Alvin Kamara Conference Call 11/19/20 | Week 11 vs. Falcons

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara talks Saints quarterback situation, preparations for matchup against Falcons

New Orleans Saints Running Back Alvin Kamara
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Thursday, November 19, 2020

The injury report is not out yet, were you limited or could not practice today? How are you feeling?
"I'm feeling good. I'll be alright."

Is it the same thing you were dealing with two weeks ago or something different?
"Yeah, same thing."

What is it about this team just the last few years, you guys have had some pretty crazy questions from yourself to Mike (Thomas), Drew (Brees) being out twice now. But you guys always seem to kind of overcome it. What's it just say about the character in the locker room that you guys don't defeat yourself when that stuff kind of happens?
"I think it's resiliency. We know how to win, we know what it takes to win, we know how to prepare. Everybody kind of has the same message on this team. Everybody knows you have got to be ready. One injury away I guess. Everybody knows what we are trying to do. The main goal, the bigger picture. So that is what we keep in mind."

What's the difference for the two different quarterbacks and for the offense as a whole with a week of preparation compared to having to come off the bench?
"I mean, obviously, they've got (the opportunity) to lock in a little bit more probably (rather than playing cold last Sunday). For us, for everybody, honestly, I'm going to tell the truth, we still have got to play. We do not get an automatic bye week because Drew (Brees) is not playing or because anybody is not playing. We have got to play still. So, it is what it is. They get paid to play just like Drew gets paid to play. So they will be ready."

Are there attributes that they bring to the table that are unique, that get you excited as an offensive player to just have those guys playing?
"Yeah. I guess you guys saw a little bit of Jameis (Winston) and what he could do last week. You've been seeing what Taysom (Hill) can do. So both of those guys have got some qualities to them that obviously are some great qualities. Taysom can run the ball. Jameis has got a big arm. Those guys are both talented in their own right."

Jared cook said earlier today that the velocity on the ball between Drew (Brees) and Jameis (Winston) is very different. Do you notice that too? And how do you adjust to that?
"I just catch the ball. I don't really pay attention to that."

Well, speaking of catching the ball, I think you're second in the league right now. I probably know what you're going to say to this question. But is that something that ever crosses your mind, leading the league in receptions?
"No, not really. I'm just going out playing, like I said, having fun. Just being blessed, healthy and feeling good."

What's kind of the difference with this Falcons defense now that we've seen a change at head coach. I know Raheem Morris is a defensive guy, but when you've been watching the tape last two weeks, can you notice the considerable differences from this defense in these past four weeks compared to in the beginning of the season?
"So it's been four weeks since they've made a coaching change?"

Correct. They're 3-1 under Raheem Morris.
"Yeah, I did not know that (the timing of the change). This is our first time playing them. I've watched a couple of their games, obviously, film study from before this week. But a coaching change, I don't really know (the exact effect), I don't really pay attention to that. But throughout the whole season, the players are the same players. They play well together. They are fast. They're an active front. They move around. They try to create some confusion with the things they're doing as far as blitzes and the way they align. They have got some pretty good guys in the back end that cover so we've got to be on our game."

Is there anything about Sean (Payton) that you notice during these adverse situations that kind of helps lead you guys through them? Anything about him that changes or anything like that?
"Sean, ever since I've been here has been the same, he's not worried about anything but winning. So whatever we've got to do to win, that's what he's going to do within the parameters of the rules. He's just a great coach. He's going to find a way, he's always going to find a way to put us in the best position to operate."

I know you hear from a lot of people over the course of the season, but is Dr. Sharif (Tabbah) one of them, does he call you up and say, "Hey, man, that's why we did what we did." or anything like that?
"Yeah, I actually talked to him Monday. We just talk about everything from mechanics to certain plays to guys or other guys around a league that we are training with. We just talk, stay in touch and he makes sure I am feeling good. Asks how I am feeling and we just communicate. That's my guy so if he sees anything, he tells me, whether it is good or bad, he is going to let me know. If he calls me, I am picking up the phone. If somebody else calls me I might ignore it, but if Sharief calls me I am picking up."

Do you think there's anything that you can take from last season's situation where Teddy (Bridgewater) came in and you guys were able to have some success, go 5-0 and apply it to this situation?
"Oh, yeah, I think last year, when Drew (Brees) went down and Teddy (Bridgewater) came in, I think everybody really rallied around Teddy and did what they had to do, tried to be perfect in their job. Not to say that we don't do that when Drew's in the game, but it's just a little bit more heightened sense of awareness because, obviously, it changes where Drew was taking all the reps on Sunday, and now it changes to somebody else taking all the reps on a Sunday. I was echoing this on Sunday this past game, just everybody makes sure you're doing what you've got to do. Make sure you're doing your job to the fullest so we can make this as smooth as we can make it. I think that's pretty much the biggest thing, just everybody being detailed and what they're doing so we can put, I guess just focus on the game and not mistakes"

How important is Josh Hill to what you guys do in the running game?
"I mean, he's very important. Josh is a great blocker. He's smart. He knows what his assignment is. And he knows who he is. He does his job. He's not one of those guys that's complaining about doing the dirty work. I mean, he's just going to come to work, put his hard hat on and do what he's got to do. He's not in it for the lights or the glitz and the glam. He's going to do his job every week and he's reliable. He's somebody we count on and he's somebody that when I look and I know Josh is out there blocking, I know it's going to get done."

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