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Transcript - Alvin Kamara Conference Call 1/14/21 | NFC Divisional Round 2020

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara talks about Sean Payton’s coaching ability and the offensive game plan for the Saints divisional playoff matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, January 17, 2021.

New Orleans Saints Running Back Alvin Kamara
Video Call with Local Media
Thursday, January 14, 2021

Can you talk about the tweet where you had boxed up all the gear from the Christmas game, I guess there was a lot of speculation of where it would end up?
"I was not in a facility for 10 days. After the Christmas game, all my stuff was in the locker room. So I just want to grab it. I forgot what date it was like two days ago, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday maybe went and grabbed it. And it was in a box, obviously from the facility. I just put it in a box and brought it home and put it in my cabinet where I put the rest of my memorabilia that I have. I got all my stuff."

While you've only been here four years, do you think there's anything Sean Payton has handled this season differently than in the past that has worked advantageously with the circumstances?
"Since I've been here, I think, Sean, I mean, anything that comes up I think he deals with it well and he's always thinking he always has a plan for the unexpected. He is always planning for the unexpected, anything. I mean, there's times where I'm like, What is he talking about? And then something happens? And I'm like, hey, that's what he was talking about. Nothing, nothing really surprises him. He always has a plan. I mean, he's always, like I said, He's always thinking, he's thinking ahead."

Do you have an example of that something that he had pre-warned you guys about that came up one time?
"He thought he was talking about this book or anything a lot of stuff that he was talking about with this Coronavirus thing, but a lot of it pretty much most of everything he said, pretty much happened."

Sean Payton was talking this morning, just about like the evolution process of a team and the identity forming was a little bit different this year, with that offseason program, did you feel like it took a little bit longer into the year for you guys to kind of figure out who you are, and you feel like that process is still going on? Right now as you know, as you guys are in the playoffs?
"Um, me personally, I don't think, not having an offseason, really did too much (of a difference with things). I think our team as a whole kind of, we try to have the same core that we've had the past four years, obviously additions and subtractions every year, but I think we pretty much everybody on this team knew what the goal was and what the goal is. And everybody kind of fits the mold of what, I guess the template we created here and the environment we've created here, so, I wouldn't I don't think there was really anything I can think of. I guess you can keep looking?"

How did you keep your conditioning while having to be away from the facility for ten days?
"Man, I really I think a lot of it is mental man. It's like, you know, a lot of it's a long season. I mean, you got to be into the physical grind. But, you know, if you can keep your mind in line, I think It gives you that much more room for success. So, me my 10 days I was kind of really just trying to keep my mind right like okay, well I'm out I can't do anything as far as you know, practice and meetings in person and stuff like that goes but I mean, and I'm not even talking about mental like in meetings like zoom calls and stuff like that because obviously I had to do that but I'm just talking about like me just personally like just you know, making sure I'm on point. As far as my mind goes the physical I'm not I wasn't worried about physical at all. Just a mental life, making sure I'm still locked in and making sure like I got a playoff game to play. I got Corona but and I'm at home I'm, sitting on the couch, whatever, but I can't lose focus of, the fact that we still have football."

What's the most competitive you've ever seen Drew Brees, the most competitive Terron Armstead was saying he's pretty wicked at ping pong?
"Yeah, the ping pong table, he's pretty good. He gets pretty locked in on that ping pong. He could throw a dang Gatorade bottle in the trash can in practice. And he was like, if he missed this, like, it's like he threw interception. I'm saying like anything he's doing. He is competing and not like that is one thing I didn't notice about Drew because that's how I am. But I watched so especially when I first got here. I used to watch everything he did. And it's like, man, he wants to beat you and tie his shoe if he if that's a competition. So pretty much everything."

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