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Transcript: Alex Armah conference call 3/19/21

New Orleans Saints sign FB Alex Armah to one-year contract 

New Orleans Saints Fullback Alex Armah
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Friday, March 19, 2021

Opening Statement:
"I first off want to say thank you to Sean Payton, the Saints organization, Gayle Benson and Mickey Loomis for giving me this tremendous opportunity."

What was it about the New Orleans Saints that drew you here?
"Just seeing the culture. Seeing this team twice a year you really see who they are as a team and as a program and how they run their system. I think the coaches here speak for themselves, with the tradition and all the support from the fans."

You mention the culture, what do you think you bring to this franchise and this team?
"I feel like I bring versatility at the fullback position. I noticed that the Saints use a fullback in their offense and I feel that I can contribute in a major way on special teams as well. My versatility at fullback will help."

What do you like about how New Orleans uses its fullbacks and how do you think that benefits you and the team?
"I like how the fullback position is used here in a major way in terms of short yardage, the lead blocking and even the versatility Taysom Hill brings. Special teams has been top ranked along with the offense and I feel like I have a real shot and opportunity to help the team."

Was there anything you were looking for in a team given there aren't as many opportunities for fullbacks at the moment the way the game is played now as opposed to 20, 25 years ago?
"You definitely have to look at it where not every team carries a fullback. The Saints were one of those teams that had a fullback on the roster and used him as far as snap counts and productivity That was definitely a key component in making my decision."

Did any of your old Panther teammates give you any slack with going from one NFC South team to another?
"Not really, we all play in this league. We all know how it is. It's a decision that you make as part of the game."

How would you describe yourself as a player as we know the fullback position has evolved from 20 years ago where it isn't a hammer guy?
"As a player, if you ask me to do something I'm going to do it. I'm real coachable. If my number's called, I step up and do what I can do for the team."

Does your history as a defensive player in college have any bearing with you on your special teams development. Separate to that, you brought up the short yardage situations, are you looking to get the ball in your hands bit more? What do you mean by that?
"Sure of course, defense always helps with your mindset on special teams, offense as well. It's just a football type thing, you need to have a knack for it. As far as short yardage, I've gotten the ball in my hands before, it's something I'm comfortable doing and look forward to doing it here."

Have any of your new Saints teammates reached out to you?
"Not much, it's still early in the process. I've gotten in a group message with the guys. As the time progresses and offseason starts, I'm sure the camaraderie will form. I look forward to it."

You were with a pretty talented running back in Carolina, but are you looking forward to working with Alvin Kamara day in and day out?
"Of course, they (Kamara and Christian McCaffrey) the top two running backs in the league. I'm looking forward to working with Alvin and seeing if we can make something shake this season."

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