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Transcript - Adam Trautman Conference Call 12/18/20 | Week 15 vs. Chiefs

Trautman talks about improving throughout the season prior to the Saints Week 15 matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on December 20, 2020

New Orleans Saints tight end Adam Trautman
Video call with New Orleans media
Friday, Dec. 18, 2020

How has it been getting Drew Brees back to practice this week?
"Yeah, you can tell, like when Drew's back and he has such good command of the offense and everything we're doing. Taysom (Hill) did as well, but, but obviously, Drew's been doing this a very, very long time. But yeah we feel obviously great about it, and we're ready to go with him."

*I'm just curious what this season's been like for you and you're kind of learning process as a rookie in the NFL. How do you feel now compared to where you were in August? *"Obviously, way better! Just having the time really (learn), like you could sit behind a computer in the offseason and learn virtually and learn from the playbook look at it all you want. But getting used to how we game plan, what they expect from me in the game plan. And just getting used to it. It was more reps for me than anything, like actually getting out there and hitting these six techniques or six techniques or reaching these nine (techniques) or running routes against these safeties, corners, linebackers, whatever it may be. So for me, it was the actual repetitions that has helped me learn faster (and) pick up the game."

Where do you feel like you've made the biggest areas of growth this year?
"I think just like overall technique. I've always had the want too. I've always had the termination the great kind of just going after people and that obviously still shows up. But you know, I think for me it's a technique thing and understanding how defensive players in the NFL play. How they use your leverage against you and how you use your leverage against them. And obviously, Coach (Dan) Campbell, he's been really, really great teaching me. He's a guy who did hand (in) the dirt, run blocking all, pass blocking, all that type of stuff for a very long time in this league. And he obviously knows what he's doing. So, I've really just listened to him, take everything that he has. All the tools, tips he can give me and just kind of run with it and I feel like I'm continually getting better every single week."

On the Alvin Kamara touchdown was that part of your increased awareness?
"Yeah. I mean, honestly, that's the thing that we talked about a lot in special teams is just hit bye so you'll get that penalty coming back towards your own goal line and kind of a kill shot away. But yeah, I mean, I will tell you what, last year in college I definitely would not have done that. I would have probably just took his head off or something. So, definitely heightened sense of awareness."

Was this kind of how you expected your rookie year to go or has it been different than maybe you when you were planning it out?
"Yeah, I mean, really for me, it was, obviously, it takes a lot to learn how to play in this league as a tight end, you got to know everything. Coach (Dan) Campbell says it all the time, we have to know more than everyone but the quarterback. So we got a lot of responsibility and obviously coming from small school, coming straight from college and not having any sort of offseason whatsoever. You know, this is it's kind of they eased me into it kind of thing, and I as I get more comfortable, and I'm playing better, and really for me, my big thing was to gain their trust .Gain the trust of the coaches and teammates so that they feel comfortable with me out there. I can line up next (Ryan) Ramczyk or T. Stead (Terron Armstead) and they trust that I know what I'm doing out there and everything just flows more fluidly. So for me, just getting better every week, honestly and that's what we continue to do."

*You won the NFL Way to Play Award for that this week. Did you know that was even a thing and how cool was that for you to get recognition from the league for playing clean, so to speak. * *"Yeah, I had no idea honestly. Until Justin (Macione) came and told me yesterday and then my dad and little brother sent me it and we're like, this is pretty cool. I honestly have no idea. So, it is cool. I will be donating that to my high school for sure. But yeah, it is a cool thing and really I'm glad I got the award, but I'm more happy that scored the touchdown."

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