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Transcript - Adam Trautman Conference Call 11/09/20 | Week 9 vs. Buccaneers Recap

New Orleans Saints tight end Adam Trautman talks about the Saints dominant win and scoring his first NFL touchdown vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, November 8, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Tight End Adam Trautman
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Monday, November 9, 2020

What did it feel like to get that first touchdown?
"It felt amazing. You know, I didn't know what it was going to feel like when I finally caught my first one, but if I could draw it up anyway, that's how I'd do it. And obviously to catch your first touchdown from Drew Brees is something special, and especially in a game of that magnitude as well. So yeah, obviously, I was very excited. Hopefully it showed on TV."

Did you get a chance to save the football? Did you get to keep it?
"I did. Yeah, (Jared) Cook actually grabbed it for me. Because I kind of forgot, to be honest, after I spiked it. I think it rolled a little bit. But yes, I did."

What are your plans for it?
"No idea. Get it and put it in my apartment. And you know, maybe get it in a case or something for it, but who knows."

Did you know that that was the touchdown like the 562nd touchdown pass Drew (Brees) threw which broke the record that he and (Tom Brady) had been going back and forth with? Did you know that?
"Not really, at the time. I knew going into the game, like (Tom) Brady had 561 and Drew (Brees) had 560. But I wasn't really even thinking about, like it was his (Brees') second one. And obviously Brady hadn't thrown one yet, so that beat him out. And, no, so, actually makes it that much better."

Do you sort of remember your first college and your high school touchdowns?
"I don't remember my first high school touchdown. Geez, I don't even know if I remember my first college, oh, no, I do remember my first college touchdown. Yeah. Funny thing is, it was actually on a stick (route) too. So, same exact route, just on the left side. So yeah, that's how that first college touchdown happened."

In your small amount of time that you've had with Coach Payton so far, how much do you feel like in a game like this he likes to maybe target guys who people might not have scouted as much? Or is that a matter of coincidence?
"Yeah, obviously, he does a great job with all of that. And we gameplan really hard every single week. He's obviously terrific at putting guys in different spots. And we do a good job here of self-scouting and knowing, how we line up and this and that. So, yeah, it's an emphasis and he did a great job with it, once again."

What was kind of the reaction when you got back to the locker room like from, your parents and your family. And you know, just when you checked your cell phone, what kind of response did you get last night?
"Yeah, I don't know, I got into the locker room, I think I had like, 100, I don't know what it was like 110 texts. Obviously, all social media, blowing up as well. My phone was like frozen, it felt like draft night again, honestly, when my phone was frozen. But yeah, it was crazy. It's awesome to see. You know how excited people are for you when you do something like that. And, you honestly, the best part was the initial reaction from all my teammates and that and all that. So, you know, it was super special, from teammates on to friends and family and everything."

Does it make it even more special that it came on a Sunday night game when the whole country is watching and not 12 o'clock noon?
"Yeah, absolutely. And it was nice to do it in front of, you know, the most fans we've played in front of. And that's the most fans I've played in front of. I think they had like 16 and a half thousand, whatever it was. And so, that's the most fans I played in front of, other than the Senior Bowl by like 10,000 plus. So, that was all so awesome."

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