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Transcript - Adam Trautman Conference Call 10/2/20 | Week 4 vs. Lions

New Orleans Saints tight end Adam Trautman talks about the Saints' tight ends and staying prepared prior to Week 4 against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on Sunday, October 4, 2020.

New Orleans Saints Tight End Adam Trautman
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Friday, October 2, 2020

I'm just curious if this first three games was kind of like a preseason for you almost with the transition from Dayton? Just like, kind of getting used to the game speed and what Drew (Brees) wants from you and all that?
"Kind of, in a way. Obviously, I haven't had any experience in game, yet. So yeahit's kind of getting used to it. But when I am getting ready for the week, it's prepared to play and to contribute. So, I do not really think of it too much as a preseason game. I guess, development wise, you can think of that in a way. But I am ready whenever my number is called and ready to contribute. So there is definitely more pressure than a preseason game."

Since the season has started, and now that you've actually played some games. Have you learned anything different about just kind of, you know, how it's gone for you, as opposed to just going through training camp?
"Yeah, when you get into a game, everything kind of speeds up. There's no script, there is none of that in a game kind of thing. So any play can be called at any time. But yeah, same thing, like just staying ready at, at all times and prepared to contribute, when my number's called."

Sean (Payton) was saying that you have a pretty good comfort level with Drew (Brees) or at least Drew does with you. What's kind of been your process of building that up with him?
"The main thing is listening to him. One of the main things that sets him apart is mentally, how he looks at and handles everything. And that is what you want to listen to. And that's what you want to take in. Once you get to this level, physically, some guys are obviously more advanced and have the edge. But mentally, if you can gain (an) edge mentally, that is where you can really take a step on your opponent. And, yeah,I've listened to him, you know, everything that he says I'm going to do. And yeah, the relationship has been great. And he's been great to me."

This is kind of a homecoming for you to Michigan. And how have your friends and family kind of been spoiled by the fact that almost all your games have been in primetime and national broadcasts?
"They love it, especially my parents and a bunch of my college buddies. Unfortunately, there's no fans. And coming back to Michigan, to Detroit would have been, awesome. But it's just kind of the circumstances. But yeah, everyone's everyone loves it. Everyone's excited that I know in my family. So yeah, they love it."

Just speaking of people like learning from. Have you picked up anything from Jared Cook? Obviously, the guy has been in the league forever. I'm just curious what's that been like?
"Yeah, absolutely. And one of the best things is being in the same meeting room as him. And just how he talks through things and says, why he did what he did, kind of how he sets up guys. He does a tremendous job. He's been a very, very, very good tight end for a very, very long time and he hasn't slowed down. So learning from him is great. And then obviously Josh Hill as well. For me, personally, I get the best of everything. You have a premier receiving tight end in (Jared) Cook. He can stick his hands in every block too. You have a premier receiving tight end and you (also) got Josh, who does literally everything. So for me, I'm very fortunate with the tight end room I got stuck in. I don't say stuck in, but I was fortunate enough to be drafted into."

Talk a little about your involvement in the Microsoft Surface commercial and how that came about.
"Yeah. I just got a call from my agent one day and he was like, hey, I talked to the people at Microsoft, and they want you to do this commercial. And of course, I'm going to do it. So, that's kind of how it went. There was really no, am I going to do it or not? I definitely was all for it and it was definitely a great experience."

And did you grow up a big Lions fan or no?
"Yeah, so I actually was, I lived in Houston, Texas until I was 12. So, I kind of got my sports roots from there. So, it's always like, kind of a Texas fan in a way. Not super diehard and then like Texas, so no, I do not really, I was never really a Lions fan, to be honest."

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