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Top 10 quotes from the Saints Hall of Fame Announcement 

Take a look at the best quotes from Lance Moore, Pierre Thomas, Michael Hebert and Sean Payton

Sean Payton

On Michael Hebert:
"Michael's got a great way about him. He's got a tough job, really. He's invisible and yet you'll recall and say, 'Man, I don't recall anyone having that access or angle,' and there's an art to that. Sometimes the timing isn't what you want and then you see the result and say, 'I'm glad he was there.'"

On Lance Moore and Pierre Thomas:
"The thing I would say about both Lance and Pierre, and I said this to Drew (Brees) walking in, man these guys are like identical players at different positions. You're going to hear the same things from me; you're going to hear reliability, smart, you're going to hear tough, you're going to hear clutch. All the epitome of what we were looking for as we began to build in '06, a playoff team in '09 and later a Super Bowl team. If you began to assemble some key puzzle pieces to what led to a Super Bowl Championship but also key puzzle pieces that were important for our community, both of these two individuals would be at the foundation."

"It would be very normal for something to happen on game day where the coaches would all look around and it would be this little, not a coup, but a little Brees - Lance Moore adaptation that we would be like, "what play was that?" and we'd find out on Monday what they were thinking and it was generally the right adjustment. Particularly in the Arizona Cardinal game if I'm not mistaken, I don't know what play we were running but as coaches you prepare all week and you're meeting and putting together a plan and all of a sudden I've got two receivers running these little ins and Lance is running this high 7, we don't even have that route in! But it was a good adjustment, thank you."

Michael Hebert

"To say I'm humbled is an understatement…to be here today I don't even know how to thank ya'll. But I will make a few comments, Mrs. Benson, I wish Mr. Benson was here today, he means so much to me and everybody else in the building. I've worked with so many special people through all these years that I can't thank them all today. I see Drew (Brees) sitting next to you, I see Mark Ingram, I see Zach (Strief) in the room, man you guys are all family and you all trust me. Dennis (Lauscha), Mickey (Loomis), I can't even begin to tell ya. I know how hard it is in this business to trust someone, and Sean (Payton), I never take for granted when I walk on the team plane, or I walk in that locker room to shoot game ball presentations, man it's special."

Lance Moore:

"Before I get into my thank you's I'm looking at this press release and "Moore, 5 foot 9 inches." If we go back and look at measurements from the combine I was 5-9 and seven-eighths, I'm wearing tennis shoes today so you could at least give me 5-10 that's my parting wish is that someday people will give me credit for that extra inch."

"It's really cool to go in (to the Saints Hall of Fame) with someone who isn't just my teammate but Pierre is my brother, Pierre is my family, we talk regularly so it's a pretty cool thing."

"People always ask me now and they always give me the once over, they look me up and down and they say, 'How did you play 11 years in the National Football League?' I say, "I was blessed, I had talent but my mentality was to play as if you still haven't made it.' That was from Day One until I decided to hang it up in Atlanta a couple years ago…I don't ever want to be the man that gets caught up in complacency or allows the next man to defeat me or to surpass me in whatever I'm doing."

Pierre Thomas:

"It's crazy how everything happened. To get an opportunity to come out here and perform in front of this organization, this group of fans that the New Orleans Saints have, it was just something special. When I came here I thought to myself, I'm going to make it. I drove down here from Chicago that's how I knew I was going to make it. There was no flying out."

(To Michael Hebert) "There's a few shots of me I actually love. It was during the Super Bowl and we were at practice and it was a hot day in Miami. We were at practice and at a water break and you have me pouring water with Will and it was a great shot. I miss my friend Will (Smith) so much. He's always been a guy who I looked up to, just like the rest of you guys, Drew (Brees), Zach (Strief), Lance (Moore), (Marques) Colston, and to lose a brother like that, it hurts. I loved him and I'm going to miss him but he's still here with us and his family they're doing wonderful and being strong and I just thank you (Michael Hebert) for that memory, that's a memory I'll never forget."

"Sean (Payton) you showed me so much on how to be a man and to live in this world. All the things that you brought to the table, sorry I'm choking up, all the things that you brought to the table during our team meetings. Showing us how the outside world is compatible to us, the Navy Seals that you brought in, I'll never forget that meeting. The things that they go through, the things that they put on the line, it's almost compared to what we do, actually it's not, they're putting bullets out there. But we're putting our bodies on the line, we're out there with our teammates, we're fighting each and every day so I thank you for those educational moments and for all that you've done for us."

The media selection committee of the Saints Hall of Fame has selected WR Lance Moore and RB Pierre Thomas for induction in 2018, while Saints Director of Photography Michael C. Hebert has been chosen to receive the Joe Gemelli "Fleur de Lis" award for his vast contributions to the New Orleans Saints organization.

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