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Top 10 New Orleans Saints draft quotes

Some of the best comments from players and Saints executives

Here are some of our favorite quotes from the just ended 2018 New Orleans Saints draft.

1. "So we got an LSU player and I called him and I always ask everyone where you at. And he's like, 'I'm in Metairie.' And I said all right. So he's local and he probably can save some money on rent."

- Saints Coach Sean Payton on drafting Will Clapp

2. "People expect some crazy story but my great-great grandfather's nickname was Boston and he was some mathematician at the time that was pretty well-known and my dad liked his nickname and decided to name me that."

- Sixth-round pick Boston Scott on the origins of his name

3. "I always thought the Saints could be a good fit. When you grow up as a little kid, you run around, when I was— I might have been like in seventh grade or sixth grade when Drew Brees signed and we were all running around outside pretending to be Drew Brees."

- seventh-round pick Will Clapp, a Brother Martin product

4. "The one thing that stands out is you see is effort, down in and down out, how he plays. That's pretty impressive."

- Payton on first-round draft pick Marcus Davenport

5. "My hopes for my first season? I want to shoot big. I want a Super Bowl. I just want to be able to impact (and) be an impact player, help out in any way I can."

- Davenport

6. "I think that too much gets made out of why a guy drops or doesn't drop. More often than not that gets created by the media. The guys broadcasting the draft because if a guy did not meet their expectations then, Oh, why is he dropping? Well, that's not everybody else's expectations. That's their expectation."

- Saints GM Mickey Loomis

7. "Honestly, I just consider myself a football player. I can play all the positions from corner to nickel to safety. Wherever the Saints want to see me at is where I'll be at."

- fifth-round pick Natrell Jamerson

8. "This is where I'm supposed to be on the (offensive) side of the ball. I'm still growing as a tackle obviously. I mean I've only played two years, but I've learned a hell of lot. I'm just so excited right now."

- fourth-round pick Rick Leonard

9. "They want to throw the ball. I know Drew Brees is a great quarterback, terrific quarterback. They want to get the ball downfield and score touchdowns. They want to get the ball in play-makers hands. And my job is to come in there and do what is best for the team. I want to come there and build a great relationship with Drew Brees, build a connection, that receiver-quarterback connection."

- third-round draft pick Tre'Quan Smith

10. "Yeah, I'd say that's a nice coincidence for him isn't it? He has a family history here and that's kind of cool."

- Loomis on first-round draft Marcus Davenport's family connections to New Orleans

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