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Toon Excited to Come to New Orleans

Saints drafted Toon in the 4th round


New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Nick Toon
Conference Call With New Orleans Media
Saturday, April 28, 2012

Q: Can you talk about growing up with your father and learning from him?

A: "Obviously, my dad was a great football player and a great resource of mine growing up. He has been a great sounding board for me throughout my career and my entire life. He has been a great blueprint (for me) as a football player. He is just a good person and a good leader."

Q: Is there anything better, in your eyes, than coming to the Saints and playing with Drew Brees?

A: "Not at all. Drew Brees is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. I am looking forward to going out there and catching passes from him and helping the Saints in any way that I can."

Q: Did they talk to you about losing Robert Meachem in Free Agency?

A: "No, they did not."

Q: Did you have any idea this was coming? Did you think this was a team you could land at?

A: "Coming in to this process, you really don't have a great idea of what is going to happen. I am looking forward to coming down there and helping the Saints out. I am just really excited to be a part of the organization."

Q: Can you tell us about your meeting with Sean Payton at the combine?

A: "Most of the meetings are very similar. We came in, watched a bit of film, talked about my family background, and talked about my career at Wisconsin. You only get fifteen minutes so it wasn't too in-depth. It was a good meeting, I thought it went well. Obviously, they thought the same thing."

Q: How well does Henry Ellard know your father?

A: "I know that they do know each other and have crossed paths in the past. I don't know him very well but I am looking forward to getting to know him better and working with him."

Q: Are you with your dad today?

A: "I am. I am at home in Madison right now.

Q: What was his reaction?

A: "Everybody was excited. My whole family. I have some close friends here. Everyone was very excited. Everyone is looking forward to cheering for myself and the New Orleans Saints."

Q: Do you feel like you have any durability issues?

A: "No. I don't. I had a couple of unfortunate injuries in college. The past is the past. I am 100% healthy now. I am looking forward to moving forward and contributing on the field this year."

Q: What was your major at Wisconsin?

A: "Community Leadership and Non-Profit Management."

Q: Do you feel like you have landed in a good city for that?

A: "Definitely. I am looking forward to getting down and contributing and helping out the community in any way that I can."

Q: Can you give us a player that you model yourself after?

A: "Larry Fitzgerald is obviously a good player. I think a lot of people look up to him. One of the things that I really pride in my game is catching the ball and being consistent catching the ball. He is one of the best, if not the best, in the league at catching the ball and being consistent doing that. He has definitely been a role model of mine and someone I have looked up to for many years."

Q: What do you think about being compared to Marques Colston?

A: "It is funny that you mention that because last year, before the season, Paul Chryst, my offensive coordinator, I was watching some film with him and he thought that was a player I was most alike in the league. I don't think that comparison is too far off."

Q: Did it take a lot of courage to follow your father's footsteps at Wisconsin?

A: "My dad was a great football player. I don't think anyone would debate that. To go to the same school and play the same position, I think is a challenge. At the same time, I think that the expectations of that challenge follow you to anywhere you are playing football. Maybe the pressure, or whatever you want to call it, was greater at the Universityof Wisconsin. I had a great time there. I enjoyed my time at Wisconsin. I would do it again if I had to make the decision all over again."

Q: Have you met Drew Brees?

A: "I have not."

Q: What excites you about playing with a quarterback like him?

A: "…He is a pro-bowl caliber player. He is one of the premier passers in the league… He is a great person on and off the field."

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