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Thomas Morstead hosted Sprout6 Superhero Model photo shoot

The photo shoot took place at two different locations in New Orleans

Saints punter Thomas Morstead will hosted a photo shoot with local heroes to model his Sprout6 clothing line that benefits his foundation What You Give Will Grow on Tuesday, July 22. The 13 inspiring finalists of different ages and backgrounds were chosen to represent Sprout 6 – a brand that is "of the community, supporting the community."

"We wanted to have a set of models to help market the clothing line, Sprout6, and instead of having typical models we wanted to have models that were setting good examples in and around the New Orleans community," Morstead said. "Not only would they model the shirts but we would also be able to highlight their stories and how they are impacting their community."

The photo and video shoots were donated by Geovanni Velasquez (Black and Geauxld Photography) and Patrick Roberts (Ghost Cat Entertainment). Audubon Limousines donated transportation for the models, while Winn-Dixie will be provided food throughout the day. 

For more information about Sprout6 go to

Below is a little background on each of the Superhero Models:

Coleman Babcock, 2
Coleman was born with an extremely rare chromosome disorder called Mosaic deletion
Syndrome and his parents were told at birth that he would have limited quality of life and be severely delayed. He was born profoundly deaf in both ears, has several neurological deformities, heart defects, and other physical anomalies, but those things have never stood in his way of proving the doctors wrong. All he has been through are a part of who he is but does not define him. He now has cochlear implants and is learning American Sign Language to communicate. He walks unassisted and has a very strong, sweet, loving personality. Even though he doesn't realize it, he is making a difference in the world, his life is a testament to how you never limit someone based on what you think they will be able to accomplish.

Thomas Morstead hosted a photo shoot with 13 local Superheros modeling his Sprout6 clothing line benefiting his foundation What You Give Will Grow. (New Orleans Saints photos)

Kaili Dyson, 4
Kaili has learned the importance of giving at her young age, donating toys and clothes to multiple locations to help others. Her mother was surprised she became so passionate about helping others because her family started doing so at the age of two. Kaili has also made food donations to several different organizations.

Ryan Boudreaux, 13
Ryan maintains an A/B grade average at Patrick Taylor Academy, he races mini sprints, runs cross country and volunteers at a local summer camp five days a week throughout the summer. Ryan has a kind and generous heart. He picks a day each week to treat the counselors he works with to coffee. He is always willing to help and give of both his time and himself when he sees a need.

Madi Adams, 14
Despite battling Childhood Leukemia, Madi is always focused on making everyone around her happy. She always puts others first.

Camille Merritt, 14
At age 12, Camille decided to start as a volunteer at the New Orleans SPCA. She is now 14 and continues with her commitment. Her family enjoys her enthusiasm to nurture all the cats and dogs of the SPCA and her little brother is inspired by her. Camille's impact on her parents, and her brother, has grown and the family has adopted a dog to support Camille's efforts

Jessie Clinton, 26
Jessie he has been supporting his community of Assumption Parish, from toy drives to food drives. He also has a clothing company called MBZ Culture, from which he also donates proceeds to select foundations, including those that support autism and breast cancer awareness. He is currently selling shirts with proceeds benefiting sickle cell anemia. He has aspirations to hold mentoring seminars within the community to inspire young adults to further their lives.

Brandy Landry, 34
For the past 12 years, Brandy has been involved with the Louisiana Pulmonary Disease Camp (Camp Pelican). Brandy initially got involved by helping plan and organize the first major fundraiser for Camp Pelican. During her time with the organization, the fundraiser has grown into a major local event which has raised over $200,000 for Camp Pelican. Through these years, Brandy has not only become a member of LPDCI, but she was elected to the Board of Directors several times and is currently serving her second term as Vice President of the organization. All of her service to LPDCI, which includes spending a week at Camp Pelican each summer, in on a volunteer basis. Camp Pelican is a week-long, overnight, summer camp experience for children with pulmonary disorders. Because of their intense medical needs, these children cannot attend regular summer camp sessions. Brandy was so affected by her experiences at Camp Pelican that she decided to gear her career towards helping children in need. She returned to school to earn her Masters of Teaching Degree in Special Education. Brandy is currently a special education teacher in the Jefferson Parish Public School System.

Shane Landreaux, 36
Shane Christopher Landreaux, born and raised in New Orleans is a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner for Children's Hospital. He was named in the top 100 Nurses of Louisiana this year and sits on numerous committees at the East Jefferson Hospital. Shane loves his job and he is excellent with these little angels. Shane never signs up for a task to be recognized. He takes care of sick babies, counsels their families, coaches local kids, gives blood, walks in races because making someone else happy means everything to him.

Kandie Hinyub, 36
Kandie is a true giver and anytime anyone needs anything she finds a way to get it. She's a preschool director but also does outreach once a month for a local apartment complex. She's put so much of herself into being a missionary for the needy.

Derrick Tabb, 40
New Orleans native Derrick Tabb is best known as the snare drummer for the Grammy-winning Rebirth Brass Band. Following Hurricane Katrina, Derrick saw that in the rebuilding of the City, there was so much work to be done, that children weren't receiving the support they deserved. He remembered how influential his band leader was as he was growing up and founded The Roots of Music to service at-risk children 8-14 years old. The kids are provided with instruction in music history, music theory and an instrument as well as ensemble performance preparation. Additionally, Roots of Music provides academic tutoring and homework assistance as well as mentoring. His tireless efforts and his inspiration have grown The Roots of Music from an idea to a program that affects every aspect of a child's life.

Cathy Allain, 45
Cathy Allain dedicates her life to children in our area who are terminally ill. She is director and assistant director at Camp Challenge and Camp Pelican, and spends most of her year with fundraisers and planning these summer camps for children allowing them to just feel normal, and very loved. Everything she does for camp is volunteer, and in her free time.

Pauline Patterson, 48
As an owner of a local business, Pauline Patterson has embraced this city and become a hero to everyone and anyone she meets. She and her business have supported all charities that cross her path including health organizations, educational missions, youth sports, individual needs of those in the community, by both her own financial support but even more importantly by spreading the word and getting others involved. Pauline does not know the meaning of the word "NO". She has the will to help and will always find a way.

Missy Rummel, 48
Missy Rummel is a breast cancer survivor nominated by her daughter. She has kept a strong positive attitude throughout treatment even though it has not always been easy.

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