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The Greatest Moments in Saints History- No.10 is counting down the top ten greatest moments in Saints history leading up to the Hall of Fame game.

10_article.jpg is counting down the top ten greatest moments in Saints history each day until the Saints face the Cardinals in the Hall of Fame game.

10.  Tom Dempsey's Record-Breaking Kick

On November 8th, 1970, the New Orleans Saints were playing against the Detroit Lions at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans. With just two seconds remaining in the game, and the Saints down 17-16, holder Joe Scarpati prepared for a place kick to win the game from the Saints own 37-yard line. Kicker Tom Dempsey, born without toes on his right foot, lined up directly behind the ball to attempt a record kick. The snap from Jack Burkett was clean and Dempsey booted the ball to connect on a NFL record 63-yard field goal. Dempsey shattered the previous mark of 56 yards that had been in place since 1953. Dempsey cleared the kick with room to spare and provided New Orleans with a 19-16 win over the Lions. Dempsey still holds a piece of the record but has been equaled twice since 1970 by Jason Elam in 1998 and Sebastian Janikowsi in 2011.

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