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Tennant Talks About Coming To New Orleans

Three-year starter has versatility to play center or guard

New Orleans Saints Conference Call

5th-Round Draft Pick C Matt Tennant

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Have you had much contact with the Saints?

"I did, my first meeting with them was at the combine. Coach Payton and everyone was there. We went over some plays, and like I said, it went really well. "

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

"I would say my strengths are what happened to me at BC. I went through a lot of different coaches in a lot of different systems, and I was able to adjust and be successful. That's what I plan to do in New Orleans. My weaknesses, if any, is my weight. I had trouble maintaining my weight at BC but right now I am sitting at 300 (lbs) and its feeling pretty good to me. "

Are you just a center, or could you potentially play guard as well?

"I am a center and a guard. I can play anything they ask me to. It can be center, guard, or maybe tackle. Whatever the team needs me to, I can do. My true position is a center."

What did you think when you found out that the Saints traded up to get you?

"I was extremely excited. This whole day has just been a whirlwind. I was sitting in the backyard hitting golf balls trying to relax. I'm ecstatic to be going to a team that had so much success last year, and I plan on going there and contributing and helping add to it this year."

How does your history in wrestling help you on the offensive line?

"Wrestling mainly comes from your balance, bending your knees, and just adjusting to what the defensive player does to you. That's really what you do in wrestling, is adjust to the guy and look for an "in," and that's what I have been doing since High School. "

How will you fit into an offensive line that had a lot of success last year both with the run and protecting Drew Brees.

"I just want to go in and learn from the veterans, understand how they play the game down there in New Orleans, and just help out where I can. It may be a backup role, but I'm going to go out there and push the guys ahead of me. "

Who did you work out for, and did you think you would end up with the Saints?

"I didn't work out with the Saints actually. I worked out with the Broncos, Raiders, Falcons, and the Bengals. I didn't really have any sense of who was going to be picking me. I knew of teams that needed centers, and teams that didn't. I just kind of sat and waited and was patient with the whole process. "

Were you surprised by the Saints drafting you?

"No, not really, I knew they were interested after our meeting at the combine. Actually, it was a surprise. Anybody taking me was a surprise. It was just odd hearing your name called. I didn't know what was going to happen, and I'm just fortunate that it did. "

Do you have any experience long-snapping?

"No, I do not."

Who called you from the Saints, and what did they tell you about their expectations of you?

"The General Manager. It was Mickey (Loomis). They expect me to contribute and to come in and help out. To do what I have been doing at BC (Boston College) and just continue it down there. "

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