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Tampa Bay Coach Lovie Smith talks about win over New Orleans

Transcript of Coach Smith's postgame press conference

"After a loss like that (last week), you can't wait to play. (Our) guys went to work last week (preparing). I felt like we had a good game plan. We knew how hard it is playing a team coached by Sean Payton. You know what you are going to get. We fought throughout. There are things that we need to improve upon from last week. Offensively, getting points (was an area of focus). I felt like we moved the ball early. We didn't get as many points as we needed to. Jameis Winston played well. He came back strong. He would like to have a couple of passes back. He took care of the football, for the most part. Doug Martin and our running game, that is what really what kick-started the win. I thought that the line did a good job throughout."

"Defensively, it was that type of game. Drew Brees is one of the all-time great quarterbacks to play. Any time that he is in charge, you know that you have to be ready. First, it is about the (pass) rush. I thought that our defensive line did a good job. They got pressure on him throughout, whether it be Gerald (McCoy) and the rest of the group. Jacquies Smith was a factor. He was a legitimate outside pass rusher today. I think that he caused a couple of fumbles (and had) three sacks. Lavonte David really played well, played hard. It was a great effort by the group to get back on track. To get a division road win is big for us. I feel good about where we are. We have a lot of work to go with another one on the road next week."

On speaking to Jameis Winston after the game:

"There is constant dialogue with Jameis. Last week throughout, I thought that he was really focused and he had a really good week of practice. You like for young players to be all-pro every game. Early on, you struggle sometimes. Last week, I talked about my time in the league and just in football. Normally, the biggest improvement that I've seen is from week one to week two. We saw a lot of improvement from Jameis and everybody."

On final drive of the first half:

"We needed one (a score). They (the Saints) got momentum. We had a little bit of time. As a quarterback, that is how you are judged by what you do at the end of the game. At the end of the half, for him to walk us down and get a touchdown really set momentum up for us. We had the ball second half coming out."

On the importance of today's win for his team:

"After you lose one like (last week), there's a lot on that next game and for us to see exactly who we are. I knew that we were a better football team than that. We did not play our best ball today. We have a lot of improvements to still make. It was big for us to get that win. That is our first division win, so that has to help your confidence."

On Jameis Winston's performance:

"Doug (Martin) and the offensive line setting it up. From there, it is going to come down to the quarterback being accurate throwing the football. It's as simple as that. Making good decisions and being able to place the ball (is critical). I thought that we had an opportunity there, where we went up by 16, when we missed Vincent (Jackson) and we missed Austin (Seferian-Jenkins) could have really put us in good position. Jameis was in control throughout. That is a good comeback effort by a rookie quarterback."

On the protection of the quarterback:

"Our offensive line did a good job with that we asked them to do, pass protection and opening holes for the run."

On play of rookie LB Kwon Alexander:

 "It's tough duty. There aren't a whole lot of (rookie) Mike linebackers that are starting in the league. Kwon didn't play his best game last week. No one could have prepared better than he did with the amount of time that he put in to give himself an opportunity to play faster. I really like him. He's going to help us win a lot of football games. He took a step this week. There are steps to go, but he's getting better."

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