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Super Bowl Media Day with Jonathan Goodwin

    <span>New Orleans Saints C Jonathan Goodwin  

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

(on what has changed this year to allow their offensive line to improve) "I think we've been more balanced on offense. We've ran the ball better, and I think it's made things a lot easier for us, even in the passing game. When teams have to respect us running the ball, it opens up a lot of things and slows down the pass rush a little bit. So I think that's been the key to everything. We've called more runs, we've blocked better, we've ran better, and it's done great things for this team."

(on if he likes it when they're calling a lot of runs) "Definitely. You definitely don't want D-linemen just pinning their ears back and rushing the whole game. When you're in situations like that, it's always tougher to pass block, so whenever you can switch things up and run the ball at them and they don't know what's coming, it helps the mind a lot."

(on if his mindset changes whether Reggie Bush, Pierre Thomas or Mike Bell is in at running back) "Believe it or not, most of the time, I don't know who's in the game until I see him get tackled or break a run. But all our backs have done a great job this year. Mike's the power guy, Pierre's the slasher with power, and Reggie's the slasher who, the last couple weeks, has been running guys over. So they all have done a great job, and all of them ran well and have been great for this team."

(on the mix of different players on the offensive line) "I think that the scouting and coaching have done a great job, and we're a tight-knit group and we work well together. Everybody gets along. We've just been a bunch of no-name guys who've turned out to be pretty good players."

(on if Jahri Evans and Carl Nicks are the nastiest guard duo in league) "I agree. I was joking with Carl and Jahri the other day that I've never seen so many people get tossed on the football field that I've seen this year. I've seen Carl just take guys and throw them. Whenever you see a grown man get thrown, it's a rare sight."

(on if playing next to Evans and Nicks brings something out the rest of the linemen) "Definitely. They've gotten a lot out of me, just out on the field when I hear those guys talking about, 'I just got a 'cake, Jahr, how many you got?' They're out there counting pancakes, so, at times, I've been out there (saying), 'Hey, I just got one, too.' So they've brought a lot more energy out of me this year. They're two great guards, and I think they both potentially could go down as two of the greatest to ever play."

(on an interaction with New Orleans fans that probably wouldn't have happened anywhere else) "In my neighborhood this year, when I come home after wins, the neighbors have been putting up signs. Tracy Porter and Marques Colston also live in the same neighborhood. Our neighbors put up signs thanking us."

(on what the signs say) "'Congratulations,' 'Thank you for everything that you're doing for us,' and things like that. A lot of well-wishes. It's amazing to come home and your fans, no matter what time you get home, your neighbors are out there putting signs up."

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