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Super Bowl Media Day with Jabari Greer

    <span>New Orleans Saints CB Jabari Greer  

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

(on the Colts offense) "It's a good offense. They have been able to be successful up to this point. They are one of the best offenses in the NFL. Fortunately we go up against a good offense every day in practice. We understand that in every game there is an opportunity to make a play. In these types of games, it amplifies. You have to step up and make a play. This is a good offense; a good quarterback, a good receiving core, a good offensive line. We realize it's going to be a challenge."

(on being in the Super Bowl) "It's fun. We worked hard to get here. It's a great opportunity for us go out there and make something happen. It's nice, a lot of hard work and dedication from the guys."

(on the Saints defense causing turnovers) "I think we are going to have to make the most of all our opportunities. This is a game where being able to create a turnover is amplified. It's big. We have to create turnovers, we have to establish field position for our offense, and we will be all right."

(on if there are similarities between the Saints and Colts offenses) "There are a lot of similarities, and there are a lot of differences. I think that our quarterbacks are similar; the way that they read the defenses, the way they do the audibles. I think they are similar in that way."

(on the Colts running game) "They are effective when they [run the ball]. They've been good with some off tackle, some draws and being able to incorporate it into their offense."

(on the Saints secondary being an opportunistic group) "I believe we are, and I believe you have to be in the NFL. Fortunately we are able to be. That's something that we really work on. We work on trying to be opportunistic and make plays."

(on if you can gamble in the secondary when playing Peyton Manning) "I think with a quarterback like Peyton Manning, you have to be patient. You have to realize that when there is an opportunity, you have to make it. There are going to be few opportunities to make plays, but when there are, you have to make them.

(on the matchup between Peyton Manning and Darren Sharper) "We have confidence in [Darren Sharper]. We have confidence that he is prepared and that he will make plays."

(on if Darren Sharper is calling the plays in the Saints defense) "Actually we get it from everybody. We get our call in. Our calls within the calls, we communicate. He's not necessarily the one that's calling all the calls."

(on comparing former teammate Donte Whittner with Darren Sharper) "Well it's two different players. Donte is a good player. He's a really good competitor. He enjoys to play the game and plays the game fast. [Darren Sharper] is like that too. It's two different characteristics, but they both enjoy playing the game. It's fun to play with them."

(on playing good defense when you are unable to force turnovers) "If that's what the game calls for then that's what we have to do. If we are not able to get turnovers, then we have to play a very technically sound game. If that's what the game dictates, then that is what we have to do."

(on the importance to forcing turnovers) "The name of the game in football, especially for defense, is creating turnovers. As you see across the league, the more turnovers you create, the more success you have."

(on how rewarding it is to be in the Super Bowl for the city of New Orleans) "It's special. The way that this city supports us, since the first day of training camp and to be at this point right now, is indescribable. We appreciate it."

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