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Statement from Saints Owner Tom Benson

    <span>              <span style="">STATEMENT FROM OWNER TOM BENSON ON VICTORY PARADE</span>                   

Saints Owner Tom Benson and the New Orleans Saints organization would like to thank their fans, the entire City of New Orleans, state and local government officials, local media entities, the New Orleans Police Department, Fire Dept., EMS responders and law enforcement agencies of the surrounding Parishes for helping make the Super Bowl XLIV victory parade last night such a tremendous success. Mr. Benson would also like to thank Blaine Kern Studios, the Mardi Gras Krewes who loaned us floats and the marching bands who participated in the parade.

"Just like winning the Super Bowl, this parade was a monumental event in our franchise's history," said Mr. Benson. "Celebrating with our fans and feeling the outpouring of their support and excitement made the victory even more special. I'm a native New Orleanian, and I know what parades mean to this community. I know last night is one we will all remember – and it seems like everyone was there.

"At the same time, our club realizes that parades aren't an easy event to put together. I know that the logistics – in this case having to be planned so quickly following Sunday's win – are extremely difficult. The New Orleans Police Dept., Fire Dept., EMS personnel, city and state officials and law enforcement agencies from surrounding areas acted in unison to make the parade a reality. Blaine Kern Studios helped bring everything together.

"The initial estimates are that this might have been the BIGGEST PARADE ever in a city known for big parades, and our players and staff were absolutely thrilled to celebrate with the best fans in the NFL. New Orleans celebrates better than anywhere in the world, and the entire Saints organization is extremely grateful to everyone who helped make last night's victory parade so memorable."

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