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Stanley Arnoux Talks About Being Drafted by the Saints

    <span style="">New Orleans Saints LB Stanley Arnoux  

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Q: What are your thoughts about coming to the Saints and is there any surprise there?

A: I came on a visit about a week ago, and I really enjoyed the facilities and the coaches, and all the players that I met. The city looks good and I'm just excited to be a member of the organization.

Q: What does it say about Wake Forest that both you and Chip were just a few picks from each other?

A: That's definitely a bonus coming in having a player like Chip in our class and to get to grow with him as a player. He's one of the guys I think highly of. I trust him, and I'm just so excited right now.

Q: Stanley, they're telling us down here in New Orleans that they're projecting you as the "Will" Linebacker. How does that sit with you, and did you play any of that in college at all?

A: I did. I actually played my first two seasons as the "Will" Linebacker. I switched over to the "Mike" for my junior and senior year, but I'm comfortable in any of the positions, and I'm willing to play any of the positions here.

Q: Do you feel like you flew under the radar a little bit with Aaron Curry out there getting so much of the attention?

A: A lot of people might think that, but actually it brought a lot of attention to Wake Forest and other players like Chip and Alfonzo, DJ Boldin and Tony Wilson. We got some exposure just from everyone coming in to look at A.C., and when you turn off him you can see flashes of all of us. It's definitely a plus having him on our team.

Q: How did it make you better playing with so many talented guys on the defense the last couple of years?

A: You've got to set the game up and elevate your game because sometimes you look up and A.C. or Alfonso or Chip are playing at a different level on the defense, so you've got to continue to progress and continue to better your game.

Q: Do you feel like having a guy like Chip with you, a guy you're familiar with, will help make this transition a little easier?

A: I think so. I think it's somebody out there to talk to, and we're going to be going through the same things both being rookies and trying to come in and contribute. It's definitely going to make it a little easier.

Q: I know it just happened, but have you two talked about playing on the same team in the pros?

A: Actually, he's one of the first people I called. I talked to him and his mom. They're happy that we're going to both be in black and gold again. It's so exciting and I'm happy about it. We did discuss it, and we've both got something to look forward to.

Q: Stanley, should you have been picked ahead of Chip?

A: No, I think the coaches do what they've got to do. I don't decide when I get picked. I know that now that I am picked, I'm going to be a good football player and I'm going to help the team out.

Q: When you talked with Chip, were you kidding about that?

A: I was actually excited because he just got picked, and I was planning on calling him. Right before I picked up the phone to give him a ring, my phone rang and it was a 504 number, and I said, "I know that's New Orleans." I was so excited.

Q: What kind of player are the Saints getting in Malcolm Jenkins/Chip Vaughn.aspx">Chip Vaughn?

A: A tough football player; a hard hitter; a smart player. He's one of the best safeties that was in the draft this year.

Q: Your name would suggest that you have some French heritage, do you?

A: Yes, my grandfather is actually French. Both of my parents were born and raised in Haiti. So, that definitely has a lot to do with being a French colony way back in the day. So, then it's also a plus coming to a city like New Orleans where there is so much French and Creole influence with the food and everything. I was just so excited.

Q: Do you know how to make a roux?

A: No I don't.

Response: You will

Q: Do you think it'll help to have another middle linebacker in Jonathan also being a South Floridian with Haitian ancestry?

A: Yeah it will. He's just a player that I've looked up to in the past and watched and studied his games. Having him right next to me, that'll be great experience.

Q: And you guys will speak Creole French back there so nobody else knows what's going on?

A: I'm able to, so I definitely will.

Q: Stanley, what do you know about Gregg Williams?

A: I know he's a great coach. I got to speak with him briefly on my visit, but I do know that he is a great coach. He coaches his players very well.
Q: What do you know about the Saints situation at outside linebacker and your potential opportunity to make a quick contribution?

A: I just know that I've got to come in and work hard. I know it's an organization where a lot of players are hard workers, so I've got to come in and get in the playbook right away. Even if it's on special teams at first, I've got to come in contribute to the team as much as I can.

Q: Do you feel like you're an exceptional linebacker on pass coverage?

A: I do. I think that's one of the parts of my game that was overlooked, but I think I do pretty well at pass coverage, getting depth and playing the ball.

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