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South Louisiana Lemonade Day is Saturday, May 5


Lemonade Day is Saturday, May 5, 2012. Kids all over the South Louisiana will participate in a community wide program that fosters entrepreneurship and character development among Greater New Orleans' youth by supporting them in establishing and operating their own business- a lemonade stand.  

Each young entrepreneur who registers will receive are provided with a free backpack which contains detailed support materials, such as an Entrepreneur Workbook, Marketing Tips, and Caring Adult Guide, to help them establish their lemonade stand. These "lemonaders" are advised to spend a little, save a little, and share a little, donating a portion of their proceeds to a local charity of their choice.  After covering their expenses and paying back their investors, children are encouraged to open a youth savings account.
Registration is free and all youngsters are encouraged to participate.

Get a backpack, make a plan and get started making some money! Here's how:
1. Pair Up: You must have a "caring adult" with you when you register - that could be a parent, grandparent, older sibling, teacher, scout leader or other responsible adult. You must have an adult say that it is OK for you to do Lemonade Day and operate a lemonade stand.
2. Register
Sign Up at (After completing the online registration, you will receive an email instructing you to print out the reply and bring it with you to any Pick-Up Location to verify registration. Don't forget this part!)
*You may also register at one of the registration locations listed online.
3. Pick Up Your Backpack at one of the locations listed online.  *
**4. Prepare for Lemonade Day

*When you get your backpack, you'll find two workbooks: one for you and one for the adult working with you. Spend the next few days - at your own pace - working through these lessons about starting, owning and operating a business.
5. Set Up Your Stand on May 5th:

Check the Lemonade Day website at That site will be posting information about other places (in addition to your neighborhood) where you can set up your stand, so be sure to re-visit their web site in the coming days... On May 5th, you'll be one of thousands of kids across South Louisiana selling lemonade - think about how to stand out from your competitors and have a blast... and make some summer spending money! And be sure to donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity of your choice- we can all make a difference in our community!

10 lucky participants who sign up as a Saints Signee will be randomly selected to win a cool Saints prize like game-worn jerseys, lithograph footballs, lithograph photos, and more!! To designate yourself as a Saints Signee, be sure to complete the attached form or enter "NOS" after the school's name in the "Child's Information" section of the online sign-up form.

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