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Soup of the Day Blog Post 5

    <span>It's officially Ground Hog Day. Everyday is the same now. I didn't even know today was Sunday. I definitely don't feel like it's a weekend, that's for sure. That's another characteristic of camp. All of the days and practices run together as we focus on not just every practice, but each and every play.   

In order to give maximum effort, we get a little help each day. It may be the greatest practice tool ever created. This big daddy is called a "cool zone". Basically, it's a huge air-conditioned tent. It's extremely important because in just a few minutes it lowers your core temperature. I feel like I get a little bit of juice back after a "cool zone" period.

Practice is organized by periods. A period could last 5 minutes or 20 minutes. All the periods are scripted fro the coaches and anyone associated with practice. It's important to be organized during practice so we can be organized and efficient with our time. After all, I would rather work smart and work hard, rather than just working hard. Again, it's about working with a purpose. It's a mission.

By the way, we received good news in regards to our team objective. Tracy Porter, our second round pick, was signed today and will be a welcomed addition to our defensive backfield. As players, we joke about waiting to sign a week or so into camp because that is the meat and potatoes of it. Thankfully though, it's essential for rookies to be in at the start of camp. There are too many adjustments to be made for them. They need to learn the defense and their calls as well as they know their childhood neighborhoods. Additionally, they have to get used to not only the pads, but most importantly, the speed of the game. The pro level is ridiculously fast and you better be ready.

We did have one rookie that was signed before camp that was extremely prepared. He goes by the name "The Viking" because he looks like one…a Swedish one. His real name is Brian Stamper. He pulled off a rookie skit that was legendary. The skit took place in a full offensive meeting. Picture everyone on offense in a big room. It's late enough that it's dark outside, and we're exhausted waiting to install more of our offensive plays. I walk in to see Jon Stinchcomb and Zach Strief are smiling at me. They tell me that they have a great surprise dedicated to me. They requested "The Viking Call", which is a fake sound of a Viking horn. I oblige with a harmonious vocal horn. Along comes Brian in a full Viking costume. He proceeds, without breaking character to sing a song he made that consists of at least 12 memorized lines. It was priceless. The entire room laughed uncontrollably, and he received a standing ovation in return for his unbelievable performance. You really shined with the veteran pressure on. Truly one of the best rookie skits I've ever seen in my 10 years. "Viking"…I salute you.

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