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Soup of the Day Blog 7

    <span style="">Campus at Millsap College, where our training camp occurs, isn't enormous but the buildings we eat and meet in can be a long walk. Of course it depends where you are but we quickly found a solution. Some guys chose a bike, but the more intelligent ones use an electric scooter or even golf carts. The golf carts are new this year. In the past 2 years, only the coaches and staff had carts. I don't know why it took 2 years, but the luxury ride of a cart during camp is crucial. When muscles on your body hurt that you didn't even know you had, being able to sit on a bench is big time. I guess it's the small things that count at this point in camp.  

There are no excuses for the camp walkers now. You've had the time enough to get a ride. In fact, I only see rookies walking. Occasionally, a veteran could leave his "ride" somewhere to do an extracurricular activity like an interview, work out or whatever. When this happens a "ride" has been misplaced. WARNING. Keep a good eye on your "ride" because you might find it at the next meeting place parked with everyone else's. You have been HAD. There are precautionary measures though. You can take your key out of the carts. The scooters are another matter. Some people take the seat off. I can't tell you my method because I am a marked target for writing this.

Enough about transportation. Yesterday we worked on the red zone. The red zone is the twenty yards by the end zone. This is extremely important. We want touchdowns, not field goals. We have been good in this area, but we want to be better. Everything in the red zone happens faster. This happens because we have run out of real estate. We can't run the same routes as on the field because there's not as much yardage. The defense will play accordingly. They will sit at the goal line realizing you can't go too far past them. For the offense, timing becomes a priority. Often, the ball is thrown before the receiver has even looked for the ball. That's why we have to practice it so much. There is no room for errors. Did I mention at this position on the field, the defense turns up the heat to sack Drew Brees. I've had some great Quarterbacks, but I'll take #9 every time.

I am on my way to practice right now. Hope my scooter is still parked.

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