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Sean Payton talks about Sunday's New Orleans Saints practice

Sean Payton met with the media following Sunday's practice

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Training Camp Media Availability
Sunday, August 10, 2014

Opening Statement:
"NT John Jenkins came off the PUP to the roster and we signed fullback Greg Jones and that puts us right at 90. Today's schedule is a little different that we do the video and weights in the morning with the single practice, much like a week ago after the scrimmage. Tomorrow we'll be back to normal two-a-day mode."

What is your assessment after looking at the tape?

"I mentioned after the game, the penalties (were a concern), (and) there were some things, a lot for us to clean up.  Overall, I thought substiutionally we handled that pretty well.  I think overall, the effort was solid.  We try to grade effort on every play but there were a lot of situational mistakes that can clean up on and we have begun doing that with today's practice.  We can be better at and fortunately we still have a long way to go with training camp.  Those would just be some observations with the whole group."

Was there anybody on special teams that stood out to you?

"A few guys stood out, obviously Thomas (Morstead) did well.  We hit a couple long field goals.  The situation at the end of the game is unique that comes up, a 10 second runoff that left them with a second, it is a situation that we have to pay attention to and be ready to kick the field goal.  I thought there were a handful of guys though, Ramon Humber is a guy that we know plays very well so he didn't receive a lot of snaps but when he was in he was very productive.  A few of the younger linebackers were solid, some of the guys on defense.  Josh Hill played pretty well. Those were some names right off the get go.  We were okay in the return game.  I think we can be better.  I thought by and large the coverage units were pretty good.  They had a fake punt when we were really in a six-man box and yet we have to be able to stop that.  It was a lot of tape for us and it was really beginning to see these guys in a game mode executing special teams and hopefully we will continue to gather more information as we go."

Any update on Drew Brees?

"No update, I really mean it, we will go day-to-day.  He is making progress and yet I just want to make sure that it is something that we don't hurry back.  The same way with Kenny (Stills), just be smart day-to-day."

Do you think Tyrunn Walker would have had a bigger role if he wasn't hurt last year?

"That's a good question, he played well the other night.  He was very disruptive and very active when it comes to grading the tape.  Number one, he is someone that is very smart and so he knows how to get lined up very quickly and he has pretty good football awareness and that serves him pretty well.  He had a good game the other night, very productive."

Does Tyrunn Walker seemed more fired up this year?

"I didn't notice that by nature or personality.  I just know that he has worked hard on his rehab and like all these guys, try and take advantage of every snap they get."

Can you talk about some of the younger offensive linemen?

"I thought overall, with what we did, not playing Jahri (Evans) and Ben (Grubbs), it gave a lot of guys more work.  Any time you take numbers from a group they are all going to get more reps in the game.  I thought by and large they did a solid job, that group.  There were some tough matchups at times, but I thought overall I was pleased with how that front played.  They were playing against a pretty good defensive front.  I thought some guys were moved up in the lineup and playing with the ones that normally haven't been.  Other guys played more snaps.  We tried to get the first wave somewhere at 15.  We knew the second wave was going to be more closer to 30, some guys were a little above that and below it and then the last wave was going to be similar to the first wave somewhere between 15 and 18 snaps.  Overall substitutionally the numbers worked out pretty well, but I thought by and large there were some things to grade regarding the offensive line."

Did Ryan Griffin grade out better than you thought?

"I would say he did some good things and there were some things we tried to clean up today.  He received a good number of snaps.  I thought Luke (McCown) played well in his role.  I wouldn't say anything coming off that game in regards to the two of them (Griffin and McCown).  It is just nice to get them snaps.  Obviously without Drew (Brees) taking any it is giving those guys more (snaps).  we will look at the role this week as we get ready to play Tennessee and we will make a decision later this week with regards to the snap totals."

Do you feel like you delegate more than your first couple of years?

"I don't know. I try to pay attention to that and yet I don't know that I change really. When you are starting off you are trying to get a program in place so you might be more hands on and yet we are fortunate, I am fortunate enough to have some guys since 2006 (still here) both on offense and defense.  It is important to empower them and make sure they are having responsibility to coach, not only the units, offense, defense or special teams, but also their positions, but I don't know if that has changed.  Certainly (from) last year to this year, I don't know specifically that it is any different. I am sure it is a little different than 2006 though."

Can you talk about Trevin Wade?

"I think he has good football instincts.  He has quick feet and he has good hands and ball skills.  Ideally he is better in the nickel role playing inside both with zone and man, but he is someone that has pretty good awareness.  I think that he is competing for that opportunity as well as helping in the kicking game.  He did some good things the other night."

Photos from the 12th practice of 2014 New Orleans Saints Training Camp presented by Verizon at The Greenbrier on Sunday, August 10, 2014. Photos taken by Alex Restrepo (New Orleans Saints photos)

What do you want to see from John Jenkins this year?

"Short term first, being back on the roster and practicing is one thing, but we have to be mindful there's a transition here, it is not everything right away.  He is in better shape.  His weight is down.  I think that is difficult sometimes when you are injured and you are a big guy.  I thought he had a pretty solid rookie season and I am sure there are some technique things.  From a snap count, he is going to be a guy that factors in and hopefully plays the role he did a year ago and makes improvement like all those guys are in year two. He is conscientious and is someone that learns very quickly so short term-wise it is just getting him up to speed so we feel like he is ready to play in a game and he is strong enough in the area that he injured."

Any update on Patrick Robinson?

"No update."

Can you talk about how John Jenkin's weight is down?

"I think it is tough to be injured and still get the workouts in necessary. I think his weight last year was solid, but it is something that he is conscientious of and there is a perfect weight for him and when it gets north of that you can see that it affects his play.  The next week will be important for him transitioning back into what we are doing."

Has that been an issue that people aren't losing weight in training camp?

"I think it's certainly a cooler environment so I don't know that it's really transitioned to overall weight because you are hydrating more than probably in the heat.  Overall, I haven't seen any bump one way or another."

What do you like about your new fullback Greg Jones?

"He is experienced. He is someone that is very physical and looking at his tape from a year ago before we signed him, he played pretty well in that offense.  He is tough. He plays with good pad level and he will strike you.  He has good size.  Ten or 11 years now and he will be a good look for us and him.  There are a couple of guys that weren't going to play in the game just because they got signed last week, so he will get some work this week and be able to get some work in the game."

To what extent would Ryan Griffin's inexperience relative concern you vying for the number two job?

"Well that can't change. There is nothing between now and when we start the regular season that is going to change the experience he had a year ago.  Overall we felt like he progressed pretty well for a rookie quarterback.  He understands what we are trying to do and he like everyone else is working on some of the technique things that come up situationally, in and out of the huddle, all of those specifics that you really on get when you actually play in a game.  He got a lot of snaps the other night.  We will continue to give him and Luke (McCown) plenty of work.  I don't know that because he hasn't had experience, that is not going to be a factor where we see him this season."

Can you talk about how you put Ryan Griffin on the 53-man roster last year?

"It is pretty common. I would say this, towards the last third of the season, and it doesn't just happen then, it is not uncommon where look, your practice squad is a group of players technically available to the active rosters throughout the league. We try to scout through our pro personnel department.  Everyone's pro players, specifically the practice squad players, but toward the latter part of the season it is not uncommon to lose a player potentially. We lost a punt returner to Chicago. We've signed players off other teams practice squads.  It is pretty common.  It is a talent pool that is available to the other 31 teams, no different than when you first get down to 53 there's some shuffling go on. Chase Daniel was a player that was available at Washington and we were able to sign him."

Was it because you saw potential in him?

"It is fair to infer we saw someone we liked and we resigned him.  A, he made the practice squad, B, we felt like he was developing and there was a time of task involved.  Yeah, that's fair.  He is someone that felt like developed and that we wanted to protect."

Can you talk about Patrick Robinson being healthy?

"I think he's a player that we think plays outside and can come inside.  With another player not getting reps right now, it means that everyone gets more reps. But I don't know if the vision for his role is any different than what it was to start the training camp.  He is competing to be one of our cornerbacks and also, he has the ability to come inside.  He has real sudden movement skills, those are all encouraging things him being healthy.  All those things factor into what our vision is for the player, but I don't know that the other things factor into what our vision might be."

When you look at Ronald Powell and what he brings, is it case and point of him being on top of his game mentally?

"Yeah and it would be that way for most of the, not just the first year players, the technique, the alignment, the assignment, as formations vary for someone playing outside linebacker, there is a lot that goes into it.  There were some glimpses from the other night that were really good and some things that you have to point out that have to be better. We had a penalty in one situation in the kicking game.  Those are the things that you try to eliminate."

Are you ready to get home?

"Honestly it is Sunday so I view it with a full week.  I don't know that anyone is ready to leave the temperatures or the facilities or anything else.  I see us with a full week of practice.  Probably as we get closer to the end of the week, I am sure everyone who has family back home looks forward to getting back and finishing training camp in New Orleans. I think certainly right now, we have a full week of work here."

Do you anticipate any non-injury roster moves before the end of camp?

"No I don't anticipate any moves like that.  So no specifically no."

What areas did you want to see Josh Hill improve in?

"He was a free agent.  One of the things about him though were all of his measurables were very comparable to mid to high draft picks and so fortunately we got a player who came in and ran exceptionally well, tested well and then the ability to play in special teams, a role in all four units is a big deal, especially at tight end. He is a quick study.  I think he has very good hands and I think that he is a player that keeps getting better.  He is smart.  I would say he has made a very good impact and certainly opened our eyes during this time last year.  For a player like him to come in as a free agent, make the roster and be active each week is a credit to him."

What gave you confidence in Josh Hill to give him more snaps at the end of the season?

"Jimmy (Graham) was dealing with an injury and that really would say was a big reason for some of his snaps and some of the opportunities he had.  I would say that was one of things that gave him more chances."

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