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Sean Payton Post-Practice August 7

    **New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton**  
    **Friday, August 7, 2009**  
    **              Opening Statement:**  

"From a scheduling standpoint, I wanted to back off a little bit this afternoon and we got our special teams walkthrough in. With the scrimmage tomorrow, we just called it up and tried to get these guys off their feet for the latter part of today and get them some rest. Tomorrow's format with the scrimmage will be the first offense against the second defense for about eight to ten plays, then we'll have a kicking game, then the first defense against the second offense for about eight to ten plays. We'll let the drives continue and then and then the kicking game. Then the third offense against the third defense and the kicking game and then we'll go back to the top with the ones versus the ones, twos versus twos, threes versus threes and we'll try to get our special teams work done between each of the rolls. We'll see how we're doing with the heat and the weather and we'll be flexible there.

"Overall, I thought this morning was pretty good. I think they're handling the installations well. We're giving them a lot and I'm sure after this weekend they'll be looking forward to getting into a preseason schedule with another opponent."

Will you be holding anyone out tomorrow?

"Right now, I'll probably hold out Darren Sharper, Lance Moore, probably Reggie Bush – we'll see – Adrian Arrington, Dan Campbell. Scott Fujita will be back; he went for a funeral. Randall Gay I'm going to hold out. He'll be back to practice on Monday."

What's happening with Sharper?

"He has a little bursar right behind his knee. It's not serious at all, it just kind of got aggravated the other day. It's nothing that we're really concerned with, and yet I want to give him some rest. I want to see how it looks tomorrow, but really that's it."

What was the race at the end of practice about?

"Periodically we come up with a couple of these challenges and I'm always anxious to see which side the players favor. We made sure the video guys got a chance to get all the numbers of who was on the right and the left because it was for an extra half-hour at bedcheck for a later date. Those guys did a pretty good job running; no injuries, which was good."

Was there anything to Jammal Brown and Jonathan Goodwin leaving practice this morning?

"It was the heat. I know Jammal's stomach was upset – I'm sure it was heat-related – but they'll be fine."

Do you have any thoughts on the ruling regarding the Louisiana tax credits and the group potentially getting their money back?

"I wasn't aware of it, but that's good news. There are a few people that keep us up to speed. There were so many players and coaches that were involved in it and eventually when something happens, we get wind of it down the road. I really haven't paid attention to it right now but I'm hopeful for everyone that we get the issue resolved."

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