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Sean Payton on Thursday's Saints-Texans joint training camp practice

Coach Payton met with media following Saints-Texans joint practice

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Training Camp 2016 Presented by Verizon Media Availability
Thursday, August 18, 2016

With Delvin Breaux out at cornerback, how do you feel about all these young unexperienced guys on the roster and are you comfortable rolling with that?

"We're not rolling with it. I think the key is to just executing at practice. There are a lot of guys getting a lot of repetitions. It is a chance for them to improve. We will work on getting Delvin (Breaux) back and Keenan (Lewis). In the meantime, we are having a chance to train and develop these guys against some pretty good receivers. I think the opportunity to see a different look (than) with another team just last week (against New England) is a positive."

How much do you weigh experience over a young guy playing well?

"It is a total of everything you're seeing by the time preseason ends. We will see what we have. Just keep evaluating these guys and trying to put them in situations so that it gives us a chance to see them."

Michael Thomas had another great one-handed catch today. Is that something that you encourage or discourage?

"There's not many times where you can only get one hand on the ball. Depending on the play and I didn't see it. Obviously, you want to get two hands on the football and if you're tied up or you're extended sometimes it becomes the only option, but it's certainly not the primary option."

Is (one-handed catching) that something you try and correct?

"I have to see the play, but yes if a guy is catching it one-handed he should have a second hand on it, absolutely. I saw Odell Beckham's mom at the Manning camp and I said shoot it is becoming an epidemic now. Watching my son play and those guys warm up, for every one of those (one-handed catches) you will see a number of balls on the ground. The second hand is obviously better."

Was this the first time you had Raquel (Smith) and the kids out to a practice?

"Yeah, that was our thing though."

There was an additional official on the field today. Is that a new line judge on the staff?

"No, we receive the memo on the crew and what they are doing with the crew. Nothing alarming. I think at some point we'll probably be going with one more official."

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