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Sean Payton discusses the win over the Buffalo Bills

Coach Payton met with the media after Sunday's win

"I was pleased that we got the win. It certainly wasn't our best effort. I thought we made mistakes in a lot of ways. Those are things that, starting with me, we have to do a better job with especially the reoccurring mistakes. From a penalty standpoint, we were eight for 51 yards so we will look at the tape and make those corrections. I thought we did do a few things better in the second half, forcing them to become a little more one-dimensional. We were able to score and put a little distance in the fourth quarter with our lead. Like I said in the beginning it was good to get the win and there are a handful of things that we have to get cleaned up."

(on the back-to-back TD drives after the Bills took the lead) "Those were important. Up until that point we had done a number of things poorly. Credit Buffalo, they made plays when they needed to and went ahead. We looked sloppy in all three areas. That starts with me and the staff and right through to the players; we have to look closely at it. The last two times we have come out to play, New England and here today, the first halves weren't very good and we have to get that cleaned up."

(on Jimmy Graham's play despite his injury) "I thought he did a good job and handled our plan pretty well. He did a good job during the week with rehab and Friday he was able to practice on a limited basis. It's a foot injury and it was one that didn't involve swelling so the risk of any re-injury was no different today than it would be three weeks from today, or seven weeks from today or 10 weeks from today. It was just a matter of can he function and can he move in and out of a cut. He was able to during the pre game workout like we talked about so we kept him up and put him in a certain amount of packages that was below his normal snap count, but it worked well and I thought he handled it well. He had a good pre game workout so I was pleased."

(on the pass rush) "I'll look at the tape, but from a numbers standpoint we were able to get four sacks with one interception. The ball was out a couple of times which I thought helped us, but I will see the tape before commenting on a specific person."

(on Kenny Stills' play) "He has been consistent for a rookie. He is very smart and he has been at the tail end of a lot of big plays now. I think that consistency is important. We have seen him get behind defenses and we have seen him make plays like the last one today were it was kind of equal. He has really good focus. Some guys have a knack for making that type of play and I have been pleased, we've been pleased his progress. I think both Kenny and Nick (Toon) have benefited from the amount of preseason snaps they had. Not only snaps, but snaps with Drew (Brees) and the first group during the preseason. I think that is something that helped their development, but yes he (Stills) made some big plays today."

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