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Saintsations Virtual Auditions - Tips


Below are some helpful details and requirements to ensure you have a successful Saintsations Virtual Auditions submission:


  • Judges will evaluate videos based on accuracy of choreography, technical ability, poise, personality, and performance quality
  • Your video will need to include:
  • You will briefly introduce yourself – introduction specifications are provided below.
  • You will perform the approved routine combination. There will be a designated section for your own choreography. You are welcome to freestyle or choreograph this section. Take advantage of this opportunity to really show us the scope of your talents.


  • Do your best with your environment. We understand that you will all be limited to your homes, backyards, etc. when filming. Make sure we are able to easily focus on you as the star of your video without being distracted by things in the background.
  • Make sure you have plenty of light. We need to be able to see you clearly.
  • Make sure the quality of your video is optimal, and that you are representing yourself in the BEST way possible.
  • Practice uploading your video to YouTube, Dropbox or Vimeo and send it to yourself or a friend/family member to test and review. This will help to ensure it uploads correctly at a high resolution.


  • Please only submit one video file, not multiple. Video must be continuous and NOT EDITED TOGETHER.
  • Film your video horizontally so that it is full screen when viewed
  • If filming with your phone, please film with the highest quality video settings (4K)
  • Use your first and last name as your video title
  • You will need to upload your high-resolution video to YouTube, Dropbox or Vimeo. There will be a designated field on your audition submission form specifically for your video link.
  • Set your video settings to private on the site you choose for uploading. These are intended for this audition only.


  • Introduce yourself at the start of your video. Be close enough to the camera so we can see your face clearly. Your introduction should just give us a concise snapshot of who you are. Keep Introductions brief but please include:
  • Name (first and last)
  • Hometown…and where you currently live (if different)
  • Work or School – Job title and employer if you are currently employed. Major and college attending if you are not in the workforce yet.
  • Optional to include: Any unique or special achievements/awards/hobbies or any additional facts that you feel are important to include

After your introduction, perform your audition routine. Your performance will start with our jazz choreography. You will then have an opportunity to incorporate your own freestyle or unique choreography to show us your strengths and any special skills. You will finish with our hip-hop choreography. Jazz and hip-hop are both taught count by count. We have also provided the full performance video with music to see how to put the combinations together for your audition routine.

*Remember that all auditions must be received by 5PM (CST) on Friday, May 1. *


  • Attire: Athletic wear (any colors)
  • Women: Leggings with tank top preferred.
  • Men: Joggers, running tights, yoga pants with tank top or t-shirt preferred.
  • Jumpsuits are also acceptable for women or men, but no shorts or midriff tops.
  • Please do NOT wear any attire with visible team or brand logos
  • Feel free to express your personal style, but refrain from wearing anything distracting or that could cause injury such as large earrings or necklaces.
  • Performance ready appearance is expected. No ponytails.
  • No visible tattoos or piercings (other than ears) are allowed on our team, so look the part for auditions. Cover any visible tattoos, and take out any distracting piercings.
  • Take pride in your appearance. You are applying/auditioning for a job. Pay attention to details so that you look and feel your best and are confident in the first impression that you are making.


  • Poise, showmanship, professionalism, dance ability, maturity, potential, enthusiasm and personality.
  • A good member of our team is someone who is fun to watch. If you are not having fun with the choreography, you are probably not fun to watch.
  • When you freestyle, do what you do best! Do not try to anticipate what the judges are looking for. Do not try to do technical skills that you have not mastered. Show us your strengths. We want to see you in your element whether it is tumbling/tricks, jazz technique, or just shaking it.
  • Carry yourself with maturity, grace and confidence. We want to know that you are going to be comfortable performing in the Superdome for the best fans in the NFL.