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Saintsations Virtual Auditions - Text Page


Thank you for your interest in auditioning for the Saintsations, the official cheerleading team for the NFL'S New Orleans Saints! With the safety and well-being of all audition candidates being our top priority, we have decided to conduct a virtual audition for preliminary rounds of our 2020 Auditions. We hope in doing so, we allow every potential candidate the opportunity to participate in our 2020 audition process, while still maintaining the recommended measures for the health and safety of our community.

The Saintsations are comprised of well-rounded individuals who play a vital role in our mission to provide the "best" cheerleading team that represents not only the Saints, but our community throughout the world. Applicants should be able to possess public speaking skills, extensive dance technique, showmanship, and confidence/poise in the spotlight. Because the Saintsations are influential role models to the youth in our communities, we will select candidates who are committed to leading a healthy, productive lifestyle. The Saintsations will have a busy and exciting year. We look forward to seeing your virtual auditions. GOOD LUCK!