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Saintsations Participate in Madden Gras

team interacts with fans for entertainment


EA Sports hosted Madden Gras to celebrate the release of Madden '11 featuring Saints Quarterback Drew Brees on the cover.   New Orleans Saintsations were also in attendance to pump up the crowd.

During the pre-parade event, the Saintsations interacted with fans as well as members from the Madden family and friends.   The Saintsations rode in the parade later that evening, throwing beads and greeting all the fans on the parade route.

The idea of Madden-gras was not only to promote Drew Brees and the game but also to allow fans to be up close and personal with the creators, players, and conceptualizers of the game. Madden to the people, if you will. The Saintsations helped spread this revelry by participating in all the Madden release events including a commercial shoot in the Big Apple.

"It's a huge deal to have Brees on the cover.  It was an amazing experience to fly to New York and be a part of the EA Sports commercial to promote Madden '11.   The Big Apple was cheering on the "Big Easy".  It was an incredible experience," stated Saintsation Victoria.     Drew Brees, Gumbo, the mascot and the Saintsations were in the Big Apple to shoot the commercial in Times Square.

The national coverage of these events has definitely impacted the way the Saintsations view of their public image.   They realize that they are no longer local symbols, but national ones as well.

According to Pro Bowl Cheerleader Amanda, "It's evident that people all around the country have gotten behind the Saints.   I think they can relate to what the team stands for.  The Saintsations have also gotten a bigger fan base.  Everywhere we go, people are cheering for us too.  I think the Saintsations are America's favorite cheerleaders because we are down to earth, educated and represent success over adversity.  It's a message that strikes a chord with everyone.  I'm so proud to be a part of this great organization."

While riding in the parade they could hear fans screaming and chanting for them as well as the former NFL players riding in the parade. The floats were decorated football style and rode around the downtown New Orleans area.

"I could tell the people of New Orleans appreciated the way Madden released the game to them. It was nice for them to show case Brees in our city the way we celebrate, with a parade",stated Saintsation Deri Andra.

The game was released earlier this month. For more information or to view pictures of the event please visit

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