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Saintsation Alumni Set to Take the Field at Saints vs Panthers Halftime Show

Former New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders will once again return to the football field at halftime on Sunday.   Over 60 women will once again take hold of their gold poms on the Super Dome field.  Included in the alumni is Keshia Borel who wore the Saintsation uniform in 1998.   Her sister, Macie, is a current member of the 2009 Saintsations.  "I can't wait to have the chance to dance next to my sister at the game," states Macie.  "I remember watching her as a Saintsation and not she's watching me."  According to Saintsation Manager, Lesslee Fitzmorris, "We want to honor the women who were members of the previous teams to demonstrate their importance to Saints history."  The alumni group is directed by former Pro-Bowl Saintsation Tori Nunez who danced for five years with the Saintsations.  "We have a great day planned for the alumni and I can't wait to see everyone perform on Sunday", states Nunez.


  Current Saintsation Macie


  Keisha Borel - 1998

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