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Saints transcripts: Sean Payton media availability | Friday, Nov. 19

Head coach previews Week 11 matchup against the Eagles

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Media Availability
Friday, November 19, 2021

The offense is now 0-for-8 in their last eight two-point conversion attempts. Are you aware of that stat?
"We're aware of it. Some of it is situational. Obviously, the two-point conversion to tie the game last week goes to a normal game (if we convert). When you have a penalty, you're probably kicking (the extra-point), but obviously we had to go for it. But yeah, we pay attention to that."

Is there a specific reason you haven't converted those attempts?
"No, I think you just have to look at play execution, but we've looked at it."

What have you seen from Boston Scott on film?
"Listen, he's a guy that we really like. It's good to see him doing well, although it's somewhere else (Philadelphia). He's a great person, good teammate, and someone who endears himself to his teammates."

What do you remember in your evaluation of DeVonta Smith during the draft process?
"We were there, me, along with a group of us at his pro day (at University of Alabama). It was really impressive. He's a real impressive guy when we talked to him. He's smart. He's an exceptional route runner. His transition speed, his pro day was just pretty impressive and then you just have to put the tape on. He was our top receiver (on the draft board) by far and you just had to watch the tape. He's someone that I felt was explosive off the ball, transitioned well for someone his height, and it's been a good pick (for Philadelphia)."

What was the thought process in signing Brett Maher back on to the practice squad?
"Well, we know the player. He was injured when he was last here. The injury is what kept him (from playing). It has more to do with our comfort level and experience with him."

Can it be an advantage for a smaller receiver like Deonte Harty to use his size to his advantage in being more elusive and deceptive?
"Yeah, I think the key is just the balance of how many reps. There's a point of too many reps. But absolutely. Here's the thing, (Harris) is extremely smart. So, when he's doing something during a play, it's rarely the wrong thing. He's got good football awareness and then, it's just looking at his offensive reps and his special team's reps to find the correct pitch count where it's not too high."

Do teams struggle to defend Deonte Harris?
"Sometimes you have to do something with your formation to give him space so he's not always getting jammed off the line of scrimmage. He is quick and I have said this before, but his speed along with the ability to stop fast can separate a player. He can run and then stop very quickly. That's a really good asset for him."

Is the ability to stop fast a learned trait or a natural trait?
"It's not a learned trait. It can be acquired through strength and conditioning. Let's say you run whatever you run (speed-wise). By developing your lower body, that means a lot of squats and lifting, you can actually become quicker and stop quicker. I wouldn't say it's as much a learned trait as a developed trait."

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