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Saints to Offer Season Ticket Holders New Payment Option

    <span style="">                 <span style="">New Orleans, December 3, 2008</span>—The New Orleans Saints announced today that they will become the first NFL or professional sports franchise to offer the noncredit-based payment option eLayawaySPORTS.  

"We are very excited to offer our fans this new option for purchasing season tickets and other merchandise. We want to make it as convenient and easy as possible for our season ticket holders and fans and the addition of eLayawaySPORTS as a payment option does just that," said Mike Stanfield, Vice President and Ticket Sales for the New Orleans Saints. "eLayawaySPORTS is a payment service and financial-tool to assist our fans with making their purchases and continue the tremendous support of the Saints."

eLayaway is the leading provider of layaway-based payment technologies with eLayawaySPORTS its newest subsidiary as of early November allowing sports teams to extend ticket sales and licensed merchandise to millions of credit-conscious consumers in order to maintain and expand their fan base.

"I commend the New Orleans Saints organization for extending eLayawaySPORTS to their fan-base in order to allow them to both plan and pay for ticket packages of all sizes while avoiding debt," commented Matthew Ryncarz, eLayaway president and co-founder.

The payment technology behind eLayawaySPORTS is that of its parent company eLayaway making the flat 1.9% transaction fee consumers pay and zero transaction fees to merchants the same terms behind the newest eLayaway subsidiary.

The Saints are also asking fans to consider eLayaway's Advantage program that allows its members to build credit through the reporting of any transactions made through an eLayaway payment brand as well as zero consumer-based transaction fees.

eLayawaySPORTS will give fans the opportunity to pre-pay for their season tickets through an automated payment schedule that meets their individual lifestyle and budget and receive the tickets once the package is paid in-full as with traditional eLayaway transactions.

About eLayaway™ is similar to traditional layaway, allowing shoppers to buy a product online and pay for it in regular automatic installments with automatic clearing house (ACH) processing by HSBC and delivery upon full payment. Founded by Matt Ryncarz and Sergio Pinon in 2005, is based in Tallahassee, FL and recently announced the creation of eLayawayHEALTH, eLayawayTRAVEL and eLayawaySPORTS Executive biographies, subsidiary information, media relations, related links and articles are available at Additional Links: Link to step-by-step video: ; Link to our Sample Calculator:

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