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Saints Sean Payton reacts to the season finale loss to Atlanta

Saints head coach talks about the game and looking forward to next season.


Opening Statement:
"First off I want to congratulate Atlanta. They played a real good football game and they are a real good football team and we knew that coming in. I think offensively, settling for some of those early field goals and defensively we obviously had trouble getting off the field in the first half. Obviously, there is a cumulative effect when that takes place by in large; we got whooped in a lot of areas. I did think we finished toward the end there and that was encouraging and had a chance to get back in the game."

On finishing 7-9 again:
"I said this the other day when you guys asked the same question; it's a different team, obviously it's disappointing. There were some tough losses nonetheless we are sitting with that same mark. We have to find a way to get over that hump. There were too many games this year, too many opportunities this year, we had a chance to win some of those close games, and generally the teams that get into this field [playoff] have usually won more than their fair share of those games decided by seven points or less. We talk about that number a lot because so many of them are inside of a touchdown and I feel like we had opportunities and we didn't do a good enough job."

On defensive lapses in the first-half:
"Listen, we could sit here and spend a half an hour, obviously we didn't play well enough defensively but we didn't help any offensively so we will have a chance to see it when we watch the film to point at one thing specifically."

On individual performances this season like RB Mark Ingram going over 1000 yards:
"I would rather not get into the season recap right now there will be another opportunity tomorrow I'm sure or the next day when we are right in front of you guys again. Are there any other questions on Atlanta?"

On Injury to WR Brandon Cooks and others:
"We will keep you guys posted. I think Mike [WR Michael Thomas] was gassed, when you are in those two-minute stretches you are getting obviously a lot more running but with all these guys we will let you know."

On whether or not you will return next season:
"Next question? Anyone else? Thank you."

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