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Saints safeties close out camp

Over 200 Kids enjoy Monday and Tuesday sessions


New Orleans Saints safeties Darren Sharper and Roman Harper wrapped up their two-day "Sharper & Harper Football Camp" that was held at East Jefferson High School's Joe Yenni Stadium on Tuesday.

The camp hosted 200 kids, and each camper received a "Sharper & Harper Football Camp" T-shirt, a photo with the two safeties, a pair of Nike cleats and lunch was served both days.

Camp lasted 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. each day with the kids participating in conditioning drills, specific position skill challenges and a scrimmage each day.

Sharper, a 14-year veteran and five-time pro bowl selection, said he was impressed with the campers' energy and eagerness to learn.

"This was fun and great to have so many kids out here," said Sharper. "I remember I use to love these kinds of camps as a kid and I am glad how it worked out in our first year."

At the end of the camp, Sharper and Harper took time to speak to the kids about the importance of exercising every day while still putting an importance on academics.

"Sharp and I didn't get to where we are today just on talent – we worked for it," Harper told the kids. "Remember you have to continue to work hard every day on the field and in the classroom. I got to where I am today from Pratville, Ala. by practicing hard every day and staying focused."

 At the conclusion of camp, Sharper and Harper each stayed on the field for an hour mingling with the kids, signing autographs and taking photos.

 Sharper said they plan to continue hosting the camp year after year and believes it will grow each year.

 "I like the potential I saw out of the kids today and we plan to get more and more kids out here each year," said Sharper. "Its important for us to encourage these kids to exercise because they are so young and have so much ahead of them. At my age it was tough keeping up with them but it was a fun and a nice test before training camp."

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