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Saints rookie report: Keavon Milton

Keavon Milton met with after Wednesday's practice about his rookie experience.


Keavon Milton is an undrafted rookie tight end who comes out of Louisiana-Monroe. The Texas native played in 45 career games and totaled 220 receiving yards on 25 receptions with four touchdowns. Milton appeared in all 13 games his senior year and finished with career-highs in receptions (14) and receiving yards (146).

Coming from Texas, who was your favorite team growing up?

"To tell you the truth, I really didn't have one. I liked players more instead of teams growing up. Looking at it, Antonio Gates, Tony Gonzalez, a little bit of Todd Heap. Just watching them when I was little, that's who I looked up to."


How does it feel playing with two veteran tight ends?

"It's probably one of the best feelings in the world. I couldn't ask for nothing less. Jimmy Graham and Ben Watson are some athletes. They're pretty cool guys and learning from them, learning the nuances of the game and how they move, what to do during this or what steps to take. Learning from them is great."

What's the biggest challenge about being an undrafted rookie?

"I mean everything is a challenge really. You just have to learn the plays and play hard. Some of the drafted guys got looked at and stuff like that so they kind of know what to expect but being undrafted in a way you have to come out here and prove yourself. That's what I think it's all about."

Has any of your family made it out to practice yet?

"No, not yet but I have a few family friends that are close by and they've come out for a few. They said they like what they see and like the way I'm moving around. They say I look pretty light on my feet which with my weight I kind of find that hard to believe."

Tell us something interesting about yourself that Saints fans don't already know.

"I played basketball and in college I threw shot put and came close to going to regionals. I was so close but I was training for pro day so that's why I didn't make the cut."

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