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Saints players postgame quotes after week 13 win over Falcons

Get postgame reactions from New Orleans Saints players after defeating the Atlanta Falcons in week 13

On his heavy workload:
"Yeah, absolutely. It was one of those weeks I was really excited about. Certainly a short week, but I think when you have guys like Mike Thomas, Alvin Kamara, Jared Cook, the list goes on, it kind of creates opportunities for little ol' me, because there is so much attention that is put on those guys and coach is one of the best at being creative and putting guys in positions to be successful. I got lucky because I was that guy tonight."

On the touchdown run:
"Just like any runner, you see a gap and you take it. I think that was something they [Falcons] were not prepared for as we motioned out. Alvin [Kamara] took two guys and again it kind of goes back to they get so focused and locked on a guy like Alvin because he is so good that two went out, we had good numbers and were able to score."

On have they run the touchdown run before and put in for the game:
"No, it was the first time we ran that. We ran something similar early in the season. Yeah [the play] it was. We had it in the last time we played them [Falcons] but it did not get called. It got called tonight."

On the blocked punt:
"I just tried to get a speed rush and was able to get inside early and got lucky because the punter was also punting in my direction. I was able to get a hand on it and create some good field position and a little momentum and go score."

On the state line, blocked punt, touchdown catch and a touchdown run:
"It was one of those things, I think Coach and Pete [Carmichael] and Joe Lombardi and the rest of that offensive staff is so good and put so much time and attention in every little detail. I think what makes those guys special is they never ask anybody on our team to do something that they can't be successful at. They put all of us in good positions tonight and that was certainly the case for me and we made it work."

On plays being held at bay when being the backup quarterback:
"Yeah, certainly. I think I was trying to find a happy medium. Obviously, my role diminished special teams wise and then we just tried to find the balance of how much are we going to put both QBs at risk with two guys on the roster. I am happy that Drew [Brees] is back for multiple reasons. I love playing with him and he is one of the best leaders I have ever been around, but he creates more opportunities for me."

On being the energy guy:
"I try to. I know my role on this team. I am happy with that. I certainly have different goals and plans for the rest of my career but, I am happy to help our team win in any way that I can. So if I can step on the field 8, to 10, 15, 20 whatever number that is and my goal is to add spark whenever I can and coaches find opportunities to allow me to do that and I love to be able to add some energy."

On how much Sean Payton preaches the message on his t-shirt:
"I don't think coach has really had to say anything about it. I think the leadership on this team hasn't really been talking about, but we all know what the goal is. I think you can't overlook winning your division and getting back to the playoffs. We are certainly trying to get back to the NFC Championship game but the ultimate goal is to always win the Superbowl. We know that there are steps to get there but you have guys like Drew [Brees] and Cam Jordan that have done it. They have been there before so there is no mystery of what the expectation and what the goal is."

On the locker room celebration:
"This is a big step to getting to our ultimate goal. We certainly celebrated. WE had the lights off and music and all sorts of stuff going in there. Those are the things that I think, as you look in the future, that's what you'll miss to, the opportunities to celebrate with your teammates after a big win and clinching the division."

On bouncing back after the loss to Atlanta at home:
"It felt good. We were playing for something and we accomplished what we were playing for, a division championship. We got that. It felt good."

On clinching the division early in the season:
"That was our goal coming in and we did that."

On his four sacks:
"It hurts because I could have had five. It could have been five. I'm trying to make these nights special. You only have so many opportunities available. We knew if we shut down the run, he'd [Matt Ryan] have to pass. He's got one of the fastest releases in the game. You take that run away, we're going to get it."

On the team's victory:
"We're NFC (South) champs again. We sort of run this. It is what it is. We're on to bigger and better things. We said we're going to play in bigger games than tonight. Tonight was just icing on the cake. We've got our eyes on the bigger prize. Every week, we're building and we've got to continue building."


On the defense getting nine sacks:

"You know, it's awesome… winning the division, seeing all these guys balling. Cam [Cameron Jordan] four piece, it's his first one but it's awesome man. Just actually seeing it happen and like pressures and it's awesome man."

 On his excitement when Cameron Jordan getting sacks:
"He makes it look easy, man. That's just what it is. He makes it look easy, but just being a part of the D-line, he's being a part of making it happen. He's a trill."


On whether or not the stiff arm was a reaction:

"I was just trying to make a play for my team, I wasn't going to let a quarterback tackle me."

On his last interception:
"College. Last year, I only had one."

On how it feels to play on a defensive line with Cameron Jordan:
"Yeah, I mean, I'm just trying to do my job, but I'm playing with Sheldon Rankins, David Onyemata, Malcom Brown, Cameron Jordan, Trey (Hendrickson), Mario (Edwards Jr), everybody. I'm just trying to do my job."

On what he heard on the sideline:
"Like I said, I'm just trying to help my team win. Nothing else."

On whether or not the goal at the beginning of the season is to win the division:
"Yes sir. I mean it's one of our goals, we still have a couple more, just going to keep moving. Keep pushing."

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