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Transcript: Saints QB Drew Brees Postgame Quotes | Saints-Panthers 2019 Week 17

Get postgame reactions from New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees

*New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees *

Can you speak to the significance of going 13-3 and how difficult that is in this league and going back-to-back years?

It is extremely difficult and obviously it was a strong year in the NFC. There are few other teams out there in that position and it's rare to be 13-3 and the potential be a three seed. That happened to us back in 2011. A lot of strong teams out there, I think it says a lot about our guys. Down the stretch here I think we've been an ascending team. We've been playing a little bit better each and every week, despite the fact that we have had some guys go down. We have had young guys step up or go sign veteran guys that have come in and played well for us. That happened today on the defensive side of the ball, a couple of guys in the secondary. You always want to be in a position where you can control your destiny, right? I think we did that. We have positioned ourselves to where, hopefully, there is a chance that we can get a first round bye; but if not then hey we are preparing for whoever we are going to play this week and here we go.

What do you like best about the way you have been playing lately?

I think we have been balanced on offense. I think we have run the ball effectively. We have been efficient in the passing game. We have sort of made some bigger plays in the passing game, with different guys. I think overall, just efficiency, all the things you pay attention to, that equate to winning football - taking care of the football, third down percentage, redzone efficiency, all of those things are ticking up in the right direction, which is good. Defensively, those guys have been battling. Quite a few injuries I think over the last few weeks. The lineup has been getting shuffled around, but guys are stepping up and playing really well. They played fantastic today, especially early on. For us to come on the road and win the way we have, I think the last two weeks, I think that says a lot about the team understanding that good chance we have to go on the road in the playoffs and do the same thing. I think that's good from a confidence perspective there.

Jared Cook

You said it, big catch radius, right? You know Eric Reid is a big safety, and that's the guy who's on him, and yet you still feel like there's places where you can throw the ball and where he can get it and nobody else can. I think he tracks the ball well and does some really good things down the field too. Big play last week, big play this week on some of those down the field throws and obviously he is a big weapon for us.

NFL record for fewest turnovers in a season:

I would say that's probably the thing we are most proud of. When you talk about this offense, I think you talk about it being explosive and you talk about these weapons and the pace at which we play and for us to be able to say in addition to that, we also take very, very good care of the football. It is something we preach. It's something we work on. It's something always talked about and always stressed with what we do. That number alone equates to a lot of winning football, right? And you combine that with some of the other things that we talked about, balance and efficiency and situational football and scoring points when you get the opportunity, those are good things.

What were some of things you wanted to see happen with the offense today in preparation for the playoffs?

We wanted to move the ball, we wanted to score points, we wanted to be efficient, we wanted to spread it around, we were able to do all those things, take care of the football obviously and then get the win. And get the win in a way that we felt like we got better today and I think we did.

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