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Saints LB Jonathan Casillas Promotes Energy Conservation

Saints Linebacker Visits Carver Elementary

Public school students throughout the state are preparing for the second phase of LEAP standardized testing that is scheduled to begin next week. As a boost of encouragement to the students at Carver Elementary School, Saints Linebacker Jonathan Casillas visited the students on behalf of the Saints/Chevron Energy Efficiency Program on Tuesday afternoon.

Casillas shared his personal and educational experiences with the students, while providing them with a little insight to the many rewards they can receive through hard work and determination, even at the primary school level. Additionally, he spoke to the students about the importance of energy conservation and reminded the students of doing simple things, like turning off the lights when you leave a room, in order to help save the environment. Students also took part in a brief Q&A session, followed by a Saints trivia session where four lucky students received Saints memorabilia autographed by Casillas.

The next Saints/Chevron Energy Efficiency visit will take place this afternoon at Benjamin Banneker Elementary School where Saints Team Ambassador and former Saints Special Teams standout, Michael Lewis, will also speak about the importance of earning a good education and conserving energy.

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