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Saints Encourage Fans To Arrive Early On Monday Night

    <span>              <span style="text-decoration: underline;">NEW ORLEANS SAINTS REQUEST FANS GET TO SUPERDOME EARLY FOR MONDAY NIGHT GAME</span>                 

The New Orleans Saints encourage all fans to enter the Superdome as early as possible and be in their seats at the stadium prior to kickoff of Monday night's nationally-televised game against the New England Patriots. Kickoff is at 7:30pm.

Some fans experienced difficulty entering the Superdome prior to the Saints' last game on Monday Night Football, vs. the Atlanta Falcons, Nov. 2, creating additional security delays and congestion at the entrance gates.

As a result, Monday's pregame entertainment on the Bud Bridge will now begin at 4:30pm and end at 6:30pm – both times 30 minutes earlier than usual – to allow fans plenty of time to tailgate, enjoy the pregame festivities outside and still make it to their seats before kickoff.

Garages 1A, 2A and 5 will open at 6am on Monday, Garage 6 will open at 1pm and the other garages at the stadium will open at 2:30pm to make early arrival convenient for all fans.

For those still looking to purchase tickets, they are only available through Ticket Exchange.

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