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Saints coaches Pete Carmichael, Bradford Banta talk about Vikings game

Offensive coordinator, special teams coordinator held conference call with media

New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Saturday, September 9, 2017

What do you see out of this Vikings defense?
"I obviously see a defense that is well-coached, plays their assignments well, and it's a strength of theirs. They've been a top 10, top five defense for a long time now."

Similarities between Alvin Kamara and Reggie Bush or Darren Sproles?
"Just talking about Alvin, he has versatility. The one thing I would say about him is, we're comfortable with him on the field, run or pass. He's a rookie, there's going to be some mistakes along the way. We feel good about his preseason and where we're at with him."

What do you think makes Ted Ginn such an effective rusher in certain plays as well as receiver? Why has he been able to do that for so long?
"I think he has good speed and he has a good feel for where he needs to be at, knowing where his blockers are going to be. I would say he has been really good with the ball in his hands."

Does it dawn on you how much turnover it is this year based on the switching out of running backs and receivers? You are down a few receivers than you were last year this time.
"I think that with the guys we have out there this year, they're out there for a reason. Some guys are going to have to have to fill some different roles. That whole group, whoever is active for this game, we're going to use them all and they all are going to have roles. We feel comfortable with the group we have."

When is the last time you've had a running back stable like you have now?
"I think that since we've been here there's been years where we've had multiple running backs or guys at that position. I think we've had most of our success when we're mixing those guys in and out and they're all playing."

New Orleans Saints Special Teams Coordinator Bradford Banta
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Saturday, September 9, 2017

What'd you see out of Zach Wood?
"We saw a consistent player. We thought he did a good job through the workout and the last two preseasons. He did an excellent job and he earned his spot."

How long does it take normally for a punter and a kicker to get used to the long snapper?
"The game is ever-changing. You just get used to those kind of situations and you know there's always a possibility because everybody is one play away from going in and playing in the game. You just have to learn to adjust and make things happen. Everybody's a professional."

Have you ever seen a situation like this given your experience as a long snapper? The team right now is working on their sixth long snapper and we're two days away from the regular season.
"Going through six long snappers, no I have not. But a situation when I was playing, we had a situation where our punter went down on a Saturday and we actually, he was also the holder and we had to get ready. We took extra reps that Saturday afternoon and we flew out to where we were playing and we played on Sunday. Like I said it's just one of those situations that you just learn to adjust with."

What jumped out to you about Trey Edmunds and his ability to contribute to special teams?
"Trey has a good combination of size and speed and want-to. That's what you look for in special teams players."

Did you ever get a chance to look back at Wil Lutz's blocked field goal? What are some of the issues that jumped out to you there?
"Yes. It was a combination of stuff. The snap was a little high. Obviously, what you saw was it was a low kick. It's not a good combination. Fortunately, we have the situation straightened out. I thought we kicked well for the rest of the game."

Was there an issue with the spot?
"I felt like it was fine."

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