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Saints Coach Sean Payton talks about game vs. Buccaneers

Payton held conference call with New Orleans media Tuesday

A look at the Saints coaching staff as the team battles the Cardinals on the road.

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Tuesday, December 20, 2016

What did you guys like about Corey Fuller?
"He is someone that can run. He blocks well. He is a guy that can stretch the field. There's a handful of things we like about him and we think he is young."

How do you think your trio of receivers stack up compared to other trios of receivers?
"Is there a poll going around? We've got more than three receivers. I look at a group of guys that each week we're trying to improve and play hard. I'm not interested in ranking three of our receivers when we have five up on gameday."

Have you guys been deferring more on the coin toss?
"The first thing we have been doing on the coin toss is losing it a lot of late, but that being said typically we felt like we were going to be in a loud crowd environment (such as in Arizona). We might take it if we're home. A lot of it depends on who we're playing, but we just keep calling tails and keep losing and finally we won a few."

What is the challenge preparing for the same team in a matter of a few weeks?
"I think that's a good question because we've done this before, but I would say for both Tampa Bay and New Orleans it's a short week in that we're playing Saturday. It's a holiday week. I think there are some benefits to both clubs. Clearly being a division game you look at the cut ups again, but then you look at the changes. They will look at the Arizona game, we'll look at the Dallas game and I say this it's going to be hard to believe, but when you start putting your plan together and you look at the cut ups you feel like the Tampa game that we played was four weeks ago."

What was it that made Tampa Bay's defense have their best performance against you not only this year but one of the best ever against you?
"I do not disagree. I think we talked about it in the meetings (where) we found ourselves in minus situations. I think they forced some turnovers. Our third down numbers were poor. I think they hit the quarterback too early, too often and I think it becomes hard to play that posiiton when you have traffic in your face. I think there were a handful off things and credit them that they did well and things that we didn't do well that we have to be able to correct."

What do you think about the execution and intensity you had Sunday knowing you can get to that level, but in the past two games it just didn't happen?
"Yes, well there are two different topics you're on. I like our intensity, but the execution is the key to winning and the key is coming back this week and having another good work week and get ready to play these guys."

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