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Saints Coach Sean Payton talks about Cardinals matchup

Payton met with the media for the final time ahead of Sunday's game

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

Media Availability

Friday, December 16, 2016

When a team loses a guy like Michael Floyd during the week how does that change your preparation?

"Obviously it would be much like an injury and other players step up, (and) maybe they receive more snaps. They have a different role. I would liken it to that. That'd be the best comparison. Then whoever that next player is that's receiving more snaps. It's hard to look specifically at who gets his touches. Typically, they get spread out and you can't pinpoint one person."

What do you think of their depth at receiver as a whole?

"They have some guys that can run. (John) Brown we followed closely. I think Fitz (Larry Fitzgerald) is having a great year. When you look at the targets the runner (David Johnson) is every bit a receiving threat as obviously he is as a running threat which makes it hard."

What are the challenges of the smaller speed guys?

"I think they have a good mix. They've always had guys that can run and they're going to be aggressive and you have to stay on top of the coverage. There is going to be some vertical throws off of play action and even drop backs. They'll be aggressive. Bruce (Arians) has always done a great job. We're always looking at his tape. At different combinations, slot combinations. That would be a tape we study always and they stretch the field."

Do you study the film looking to implement some of those type plays?

"We would study and look at certain offenses during each week. His (Bruce Arians) tape would be one we look at. Just to see what they're doing."

Do you implement the plays you see on tape?

"Absolutely. I think one of the things that takes place during the week is the study of the opponent, but if you're just studying the opponent and you're not paying attention to the other teams in the league as to what's going on (you miss ideas). We will get a red zone touchdown tape that will be every touchdown inside the 30 and regardless it just starts at the two yard line, backs up and finishes. There are certain teams that we'll look at."

Is there a reason you think Bruce Arians offenses have been so successful downfield?

"I think he is exceptional (with the) design and I think he does a great job with that."

Are there distinct traits that separate Mark Ingram and Tim Hightower?

"Maybe a few, but it would be fair to say to your point that those two play off each other and they're going to handle a lot of the base stuff and obviously maybe there are some tags that involve one and not the other, but that's our assessment."

What sort of growth have you seen from Andrus Peat?

"I think it has been progressively well and yet the last week in a half the challenge he has had (has been) with Terron (Armstead's) trying to split the practice week in case Terron does not play at tackle. (Andrus Peat) He's receiving work at both spots. That's tough to do and yet he's been able to do that, but I think this has been overall a good year for him. He's settled in. I think it's encouraging. He's athletic, he's comfortable and in shape and now it's just a matter of all the little things that go into playing either left guard or left tackle and I think that as he settles in as we are able to settle him into a specific position you'll I think just see his efficiency go up."

What do you look for with (Andrus Peat) him settling in the next three weeks?

"Yes, absolutely, see him find that comfort level and understand some of the challenges over there (at left tackle). Some of the better pass rushes. He will receive one this week in Chandler (Jones), but that's why you have someone with his athleticism."

How impressed have you been with Tyeler Davison this season?

"He's good, he's healthy. It's hard to as a fan measure how a nose or inside tackle is playing, but I think he has been pretty consistent and he is a pretty smart player so rarely is he in the wrong spot. He's in the right gap. I think he is doing well."

How much has Tyeler Davison helped setup Nick Fairley and Sheldon Rankins?

"It's a group. Tyeler is probably receiving more snaps in the base so he's defending at times different plays than we would notice (Sheldon) Rankins or (Nick) Fairley when we are watching a quarterback get hurried or sacked. You don't get to see that visual type of production unless you're paying attention to how the front is being played and that is just the different style player."

Is playing defensive end still a possibility for David Onyemata?

"We'll see. I really see him being a tackle. The initial vision was a three technique and he's obviously playing some nose, but I see him being an inside player."

When did Stephone Anthony get hurt?

"Basically without getting into anything it was an older injury that was aggravated, a year old not like anything (recent), but we will kind of see where he's at."

Any long-term concern for Stephone Anthony?


How has Kevin O'Dea been since coming here?

"He's smart. I think he's a good hand. He does a great of working with some specific things to help Greg (McMahon) and Stan (Kwan). He is real good with the snap, hold, kick. He has some real good drills and I think it's been real good for Wil (Lutz) and I'm glad to have him."

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