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Saints and Cowboys Postgame Quotes

    <span style="">                 <span style="">Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints</span>                
            <span style="">Saturday, December 19, 2009 </span>                
            <span style="">SAINTS HEAD COACH SEAN PAYTON </span>                  

"I want to start by congratulating Dallas. They did a good job and played a good game.

"There were a number of things we just didn't do well enough to win this game. We talked about it a little in the locker room, but we have to do a better job starting with me. I have to coach better. We have to handle third downs a little bit better than we did tonight. There was a snap in the first and second half where we lost that battle. I thought we lost the battle in the kicking game. We hung in there defensively in the second half and came up with some big stops, but I want to start by just crediting Dallas. It was a good win for them; it was a tough loss for us. We will really pay close attention to the film and correct our mistakes as best we can and get on to the next game."

(On if there is a relief in the pressure) "It's disappointment. There is no type of relief; it's a disappointment when you lose."

(On DeMarcus Ware) "He played mostly on the third down snaps and he came up with some big plays for them. I should have given Jermon (Bushrod) help on that last play. We were going to throw a couple Hail Marys to the end zone and we put a back over there and used some formations, but he is a tremendous player and he made some big plays tonight. He is very good and to his credit came back off the injury."

(On Dallas' pass rush) "We had three or four snaps where we just turned a guy loose and it's been kind of uncharacteristic and it wasn't one specific area. We missed a pickup at running back and we missed a pickup with the offensive line. There are three that I can think of that came up blocked so those are things that we have to clean up do a better job of. We have to do a better job coaching and keep that from happening."

(On the offensive struggles) "We just couldn't put enough snaps together. We struggled on third downs specifically and when you do that you are going to have lesssnaps and you are off the field more. That is one area that stood out."


(on last play) "Our plan was to throw a Hail Mary, and if we had another chance, we were going to throw another one. We felt like that was our best option at the time.

(on missed FG) "We walked out on the field, just down seven, with 2:16 left. We felt like there was no doubt we were going to score and it was going to go to OT.

(on start offensively) "We just felt like we couldn't get into a rhythm. We're down 14-0 after the first quarter and we've run (seven) plays offensively. We didn't do much to help ourselves defensively. That's not what we do. Early on especially, we weren't able to get into a rhythm and that was disappointing.

(on Dallas pass rush) "They've got a good defense and deserve a lot of credit. For us, it was one of those nights where things weren't quite clicking. Unfortunately, we didn't handle (the pass rush) very well. We weren't very good on third downs tonight. That's not going to score you many points.

"We felt like their two edge rushers, Spencer and DeMarcus Ware, are very good outside linebackers and pass rushers. We felt like we had a good plan for that. Early on, we contained it pretty well. But unfortunately, when you get down, they can pin their ears back and not worry about the run at all.

(rush vs. secondary) "They did a good job of staying back and not allowing a big play. We just didn't execute very well today.

(on David Thomas) "He was much more than a check-down guy. He caught a lot of balls and did a great job. He's been a guy who's playing the fullback position, the second tight end, we split him out sometimes. I felt like he did a great job.

(on digging a hole) "It's not happening the way that it should. I feel like we have the ability, especially that first drive. I think we're second in the league in scoring on that first drive. Obviously, we need to get back to starting fast, getting that tempo going, and knowing we need to finish it out when we need to.

(on perfect season hopes) "That's disappointing. You don't know how many chances you're going to get at that. That's tough. I feel like we've fought so hard to get where we're at. You just feel like we deserved it and the city deserved it and the organization deserved it. We wanted to make it happen for all of them. The fact is, we're 13-1. We still have that first seed in the NFC in sight. We want to be playing our best football going into the playoffs."


(On What Dallas did to have success offensively) "They simply executed. They executed on our misfortunes. We were out of position on a few plays. They have a really good offense and they capitalized on our mistakes."

(On their chances of winning after the Dallas missed field goal) "After a play like that, we have faith in our offense that they are going to go down score a touchdown and send the game into overtime. It just didn't happen for us tonight."

42 S Darren Sharper

(On tonight's loss) "It's difficult to lose one on the home field.


"We definitely didn't play our best game today, but conversely we played a pretty good opponent tonight. Those two things together produced this outcome.

(on if you thought this might be a repeat of the Washington outcome after Nick Folk's attempt hit the upright) "Yes. All you can ask for is an opportunity. We definitely got that. We didn't' get it done today, but we regroup just like we have all season, put this behind us, make corrections and get ready for next week.

(on if the team can put it in perspective that it's one loss and not the season) "Just like any win, you get a day to digest it, make corrections and move on. We have to do the same with this loss and get ready for a big game next week."


(On what he was thinking after the missed field goal) "I was thinking that we were going to come back. It just wasn't meant for us to be tonight. We made a lot of mistakes. The Dallas Cowboys played really well. You can't take anything away from them and the way that they played. We made a lot of mistakes that we need to fix. We are going to go in there, analyze the film and try to get better. That's all that you can really do. I know that it is really cliché' to say, but you have go to let it go and move on."

(On if he thought it was the first game that it took a while for the offense to get going) "There have been other games like that, but we have come back and won. It just didn't work out the way that we wanted it to. We have a good group of guys in here. We have good coaches. We know that we are going to respond well. We respond well to adversity. It's just one loss."


"It was a great game for us. They've (the Saints) got a hell of a football team. We knew that coming in. We knew it would take everything, playing well in all areas, to be able to beat them here. I thought our guys did that. Our offense played well. Our defense played well. We had one special teams play that hurt us. I said all along that this team has a lot of heart, a lot of character, a lot of leaders. Things weren't going well for us with two losses in a row. I didn't think this team could get beat three times in a row and they didn't. We put a lot of things together in the first half that certainly were big for us."

(On DeMarcus Ware and Dallas defense) "DeMarcus Ware was okay. I think he's alright. It looked like he was during the game. DeMarcus is a very good player and certainly made a big difference in the ball game. He made some big plays. We made a lot of big plays on defense. I think stopping them early in the game certainly was important. They score a lot of points early in the first half in first possessions. We tried to concentrate on that and tried to make plays…We went up 14 (points) on them. They're still going to come back. We knew that. We knew that they are that kind of team and would fight all of the way."

"I liked the way our defense played. We've been playing hard."

(On stopping the Saints offense) "We tried to keep them from getting the big plays. We still made some mistakes. Anytime they throw it that many times, they're going to move the ball. We just had to keep them out of the end zone and hold them to a field goal early, which was good. Just making them go down the field and use up some time (was good). When they got the ball at the end when we missed the field goal, they really didn't have time to score."

(On the rest of the season) "We still control our own destiny. That's what we said going into this week. A lot of peoples said, "Ha, ha," because you're playing the Saints. I'm not pointing any fingers. This team is about this year and what we can be."

(On beating the Saints) "It's more about us and having to win this ball game. It was a big, important game for us."


Jerry Jones, Team Owner

"I have such respect for the Saints as a team organization and the Bensons are owners. They've had a terrific season and all we were trying to do is come here, on the road, and keep our playoff hopes alive. I am so proud of our team. This was a big victory tonight. We played together as a team on both sides of the ball. And it was great stuff out there on the part of the defense, to hang together and stop the Saints on that last drive."

Miles Austin, Wide Receiver

"We just hung tough out there and pulled it out, both offensively and defensively. I thought our offense was real agressive early which led to us getting a nice lead in the first quarter. And then we stuck to our game plan and hung on for the victory."

"It was huge and a game changer for us to get up early, especially in this environment. I thought that was huge for us."

Tony Romo, Quaterback

"It was a big game for us to win, obviously, given the position that we are in. We had a great week of practice and fought hard out there."

"It's crazy out there (in the Superdome) - you guys saw that and heard that. But we came here tonight and had a great plan. And you have to give the coaches credit for that."

"As great as they (Saints) are, we feel really good about our offense. And everybody was talking about them and no one was talking about us. And I think, as a team, that motivated us a lot. We knew coming here tonight, playing an undefeated team here in their building, that this was going to be a real tough challenge. We knew coming in the signficance of the game - that they were undefeated and chasing history. So for us, this one feels real, real good."

"On that last drive, when Miles made the big play in the fourth quarter, that was huge. At that point all we were doing is trying to make first downs and keep the clock moving. Of course the Saints made a great comeback; but our defense made the big play in the end for us to pull it out. This feels real good. But give them a lot of credit; they are an outstanding team and they've had a great season. But tonight, we came out on top."

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