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Roman Harper's Day As a Substitute Teacher

Roman Harper traded in his cleats and helmet for lesson plans.

Roman Harper spent Wednesday as a substitute teacher at Belle Chasse High School.

Story by Brad Friedman

New Orleans Saints safety Roman Harper hung up his cleats and helmet in exchange for some lesson plans and PowerPoints on Wednesday.

Not to fret, his career shift to substitute teacher lasted only one day, but the students and staff at Belle Chasse High School got a taste of what "Mr. Harper's" classroom would be like. Harper, through his Harper's Hope Foundation, coordinated the entire day in secrecy with only a handful of administrators knowing about his plans beforehand.

Harper served as a substitute in five different classes, including sociology, English, general technology, psychology, and algebra. Harper guided his classes through discussions, reviewed study guides for upcoming exams, and took some time to discuss how the values he acquired as an athlete can be applied to excelling in the classroom.

The day concluded with an assembly at which Harper spoke to the school's 900-plus students about his journey to the NFL and the principles needed to achieve life goals. He also took questions from the crowd about his life and playing career.

Harper then met privately with the school's football team. Among other things, Harper preached the importance of sticking up for teammates and putting in the work Monday through Thursday in order to be ready for Friday night games.

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