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Rob Ryan's conference call quotes

Audio and quotes from defensive coordinator Rob Ryan's conference call with local media for Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015

New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan
Conference Call with Local Media
Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What are the challenges in general of trying to get your guys to get a consistent pass rush? Is that one of the more frustrating things, to have three sacks one week and then none the next week?

"You are always looking to get quick pressure on the quarterback. Nowadays guys are throwing the ball so quickly. Sack numbers are one thing but we need to keep generating pressure (and) getting the quarterback off of his spot. Cam Jordan comes to mind, here is a guy that's having an individual great year, and yet people do not realize (because) his numbers are at whatever they're at. He is constantly putting pressure on the quarterback. He has had two or three sacks taken away by penalty. I am sure there is some frustration with him. The biggest thing is that on all aspects we've got guys working hard. They've given everything that we've got. We have to play better. We just can't let down, especially on defense. If you have a single letdown or any kind of technique issue or whatever, they get exposed. Right now, we have to play more consistently. We're playing with plenty heart. Our guys are preparing hard. We need to prepare more for multiple positions. That has occurred quite a bit this year and I think it will really help us. I know our guys are looking forward to getting better. We're playing the number one offense in football and we're excited about the challenge."

What do you mean by multiple positions? (Are you talking about) guys that had to move over and play other positions because of injury?

* *"Yes, we've got guys playing a lot of different spots, and it happens. In this league, this is the strongest of the strong and the fittest of the fit. Injuries are a huge part of what you do in this league. You have to have your second man ready, and also your third and fourth as well."

Has Brandon Browner lived up to your expectations this year? Did you realize that his penalties came with the territory?

"I think Brandon Browner's an outstanding leader. I heard about how great of a leader he was and that just comes with the reputation. He has been even better than I thought. He's been tremendous. With the penalties, they follow you sometimes and guys get them because they are Brandon Browner or however it is. (I used to have a player named) Frank Walker who had that thing. We just have to keep working. If anything is close at all, he's going to get flagged. (Wesley McGriff) is doing an excellent job working with him to maybe even have him take his hands off a little bit. The bottom line is that he's been a fantastic teammate and he's a great leader. He got his first pick and I thought he was going to get his second one there later in the game which would've really helped us. He just keeps plugging, he is a real pro and he's been a fantastic leader."

When you have a start like this, do you put that on yourselves as coaches for not putting the players in the best positions to play, or do you put it on talent? Do you feel like you are on the verge of breaking through?

"I know we're on the verge of breaking through. I thought it was going to be the Dallas week because we were getting our players back. I thought we were heading that way in Philadelphia. For whatever the reason we didn't finish the task at hand. Stats don't mean anything to us. I know what it looks like. You can feel it. It's coming, I know it is. Just keep blaming me. That is really what it is. Just keep blaming me and that will be great because I know this thing's going to be great here too. Our guys are working enough that I know it is getting turned around. It will be fixed. It's not great yet obviously. We're probably last in the league in every single category, whatever it is. I've seen teams go from last to first after five weeks. We plan on getting better. We know who we are playing this week. It's going to be a hell of a challenge and our guys are going to be up."

How much did you miss Bobby Richardson last week?

"I think Bobby is a young player that is playing outstanding. We missed him. I think he really helps us in the running game and he's got some good pass rush. There's a young player that is on the come. He is getting better each week, as a lot of the young guys are. Yea, we missed him. He is a hell of a football player."

You mentioned Cam Jordan, are there any other guys that you think are having exceptional individual seasons that are maybe getting overlooked right now?

"I know there are guys playing well on our defense. I just mentioned him because you mentioned the pass rush. We see this Delvin Breaux, he is playing his heart out. We've given him some tough matchups and he's done a great job. I think he is playing really well. I think you have to admire the job that these two rookie linebackers are doing as well."

You mentioned giving Delvin Breaux some tough matchups, what do you mean by that?

"We've had him a lot of times where he has had absolutely no help. He is on a receiver with absolutely no help, which some people don't see by the coverage or whatever it is, and he has excelled. He is up for all of the challenges. A lot of times he is having to stop that sweep by himself, when it bounces all the way out there, and he has been plenty game. You have to be real encouraged by the way he is playing. We're excited about him."

Kenny Vaccaro mentioned that this year you guys really don't change what you do based on the opponent as much as you used to. He said that it would make it easier to prepare on this short week. Is that accurate? Is that more of a staple of this defense to kind of play your style instead of adapting to each opponent?

"I think you always have to adapt to your opponent. Within this system, especially on a short week, it is hard to put in a huge game plan for somebody with multiple new calls. I don't know when you're supposed to work them. You've only got two days. It is a really challenging week for all coaches involved, whoever is playing, and for them as well I'm sure. After the game, we still came in here Sunday night and all of Monday, all through the night there. Tuesday would be no different. On the short week, you're cramming everything in. (You're cramming) a one-week schedule into two days. It is a tough job and the biggest thing is trying to keep it easy for the players, where we can go out and function at the highest level."

How much tape have you guys had to study on Devonta Freeman, a guy who kind of broke out in these last three weeks?

"I know the hours may have been short over the last two days but when we worked all Sunday night after the game, we have seen plenty of tape. This guy loves contact. He's tremendous. He's doing a hell of a job. He's outstanding. He has got vision. He has eyes all over him. If there is any kind of seal in there or a little opening, he's going to see it, inside or all the way outside on your defense."

What do you think is the biggest change in this Atlanta offense from the team you've played over the last couple of years?

"Obviously, Matt Ryan's still a fantastic quarterback. He's functioning just as well, whether he's in shotgun or under center. I think their play-action's really become a staple for them. I think (Kyle) Shanahan's one of the best offensive coordinators in football. He has this team rolling. They're rolling on all cylinders on offense. You have to be impressed with the job that they have done."

Are they featuring Julio (Jones) a little differently? I know he is banged up but he is playing at the highest level of his career.

"It is hard to imagine that he is any better than he was last year. Maybe he is but I know one thing, he is tremendous. In my opinion, he is the best wide receiver in football. He does everything well."

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