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Reggie Bush Talks About Getting Started

            <span style="">Q: How does your knee feel after the first day of practice?</span>                 

A: I wouldn't say I'm 100 percent. I would say strength wise 100 percent, health wise at about 99.5 percent, which is expected on the first real day back. I'm still staying on top of it like it was the first day being injured.

Q: If you play a complete year like the first several games of last year, would you be happy with that?

A: I guess so. I would kind of have to see at the end of the season where it's at and where I'm at, but I felt like the first eight games I played last year were pretty solid and I felt like I was pretty productive. I guess yes in a sense, but you never know. It really depends on how the season pans out. The most important part is to try to win a championship and at least get to the playoffs.

Q: Was last year the most comfortable you had felt when healthy?

A: Yes, I would say so. I was pretty comfortable and confident the first eight games of last year.

Q: Does it feel like training camp is here already?

A: Not really, because the last three years we've been in Jackson, Mississippi and I felt like here we have a little bit more luxuries than we had in Jackson. It is better for us. People are happy it's here. I'm happy it's here. I do like the fact that we have more luxuries here. We just feel more comfortable.

Q: Do you have a certain number of touches a game you think you need to be at your peak effectiveness?

A: No, I don't really have a number in my mind. I just like to have my hands on the ball. Whenever that comes…The first five touches can be passes. I just like to get the ball in my hands and get into the flow of the game, just being in there. The game's going to me naturally. I'm just going to take it and use it.

Q: What is your attitude after having missed some time the last couple years?

A: You can't take every snap for granted because you could be injured at any point and you just really have to go all out and give 110 percent every time you step on the field. It's a physical game and that's the way it's played, but at the same time you have to enjoy it, have fun and take it for what it's worth.

Q: What are your early impressions of the defense?

A: I love it that Gregg's (Williams) here and I'm optimistic about what the defense is going to do this year. They're going to be great. They're very physical in nature right now the way they're playing. I'm excited he's one our team.

Q: It seems like there is an emphasis defensively on stripping the ball. Is that going to keep the offense on its toes in terms of ball security?

A: That's only going to help us in being aware of holding onto the ball tighter and knowing that fumbles are going to cost us games, turnovers are going to cost us games and you can never benefit from turnovers. That's only going to help us. I love what Gregg Williams is doing right now with our defense. That's probably the thing I'm looking forward to the most, watching our defense play.

Q: In your first year in Jackson it was considered a very tough camp. Do you consider this easier?

A: No. Training camp is tough regardless wherever you have it. I think the conditions are more comfortable from the beds we're sleeping in to the phones, so I think this can only help us being here. It's not easier on the field. We're still working hard in the heat. We're not really dodging too much other than the fact that we're here at home.

Q: Did you feel you missed a lot on and off the field during your holdout as a rookie?

A: I didn't really think I missed that much, just because once I got here, they threw me right in here. I had a playbook to keep on top of things. There were other things they brought me up to speed on, so everybody on the team understands it. We know how it works. We've all been there. Nobody is mad or kind of bitter about the fact that he's not here yet. He has to take care of his business first and that's kind of the part of this league that is a business. I think that's something that gets lost with the football fans. I don't think they understand is much as you guys do and we do. When he gets here he'll be here. They'll throw him right into the fire and he'll be fine. We have a good group of veterans.

Q: Can you talk about your summer trip to Africa?

A: It was a great experience. To be able to go to Africa, it was exciting to be able to take my mom there, because she's always dreamed of going there. It was a great experience. It was really humbling and to see…We went to a Feed the Children type center and to see kids who were happy to see two slices of bread and a glass of milk for lunch, it really gives you perspective of what live really means and to be grateful for what you have. It was tough seeing those types of things, but I'm glad I had the chance to go over there and see a different part of the world. It really made me appreciate where I come from and what I have.

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