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Quotes: Landon Young shares New Orleans Saints Draft 2021 reactions

Tackle shares his expectations on joining the team in his first Saints interview

New Orleans Saints Tackle Landon Young
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Saturday, May 1, 2021

Just what was your contact like with the Saints and were you expecting to end up here?
"Yeah, so I actually had quite a bit of contact like early in the draft process with the Saints, especially during pro day. One of the offensive line coaches actually (had) come in (to) facilitate our drills. So we had a lot of time to talk there. But they were definitely someone that I knew is pretty interested, knew that they were an option for me, and really glad that it ended up following through with that probably one of the teams I had the most contact with the whole process."

For those who maybe aren't familiar with your game, how would you describe yourself as a player and as a person?
"I definitely think that as a person, I'm somebody that's very involved in the community around there. I like taking care of the community that takes care of the program that I'm playing in and it just as good as I was in Kentucky. I tried to take care of the BBN that was around me just like I'm going to try to take care of all the fans that are around the New Orleans Saints program now. And then on the field, I'm a dedicated guy that makes attention to small detail. I'm a physical guy, I'm a big guy about 6-7 310 and I like to go out and you know, just prove that the person across from me is not the better football player."

Are you more comfortable on either side or it doesn't matter to you?
"You know, it doesn't really matter to me. I've had a little bit of experience on the right side as well. Something that I've been practicing and staying in tune with. Of course, I had all my reps in college at left tackle, but I definitely think that I could be a potential four position player on the offensive line."

The Saints have some very talented tackles in Ryan Ramcyzk and Terron Armstead. How familiar are you with their game? And are those guys that you've watched over the years?
"Definitely some guys that I have definitely watched some of their NFL tape. I try to watch NFL tape from a variety of tackles across the nation. But definitely two guys that I have seen tape of while I was studying during college, and I'm impressed with them. Like I said, we have got to come in and we've got to compete and we've got to go win games now."

I'm if I'm not mistaken, you're from Lexington originally?
"Yes, sir. I am."

I'm just curious, when you're going into this, like, you're from a place and you've played college at a place, what's your kind of idea of like, going to a big city?
"I'm excited. Just because I got married this last June and it's a chance for me and my wife to travel around and be able to do the game that I love. How many kids get a chance to do this every single year? It's slim to none and me being able to just have the opportunity to go and play football and do it as a job. That's been my dream ever since I was little. It's been a dream of mine and it became to reality today. I'm excited to be able to go and travel to different stadiums across the country, especially living in New Orleans. It's somewhere that I've visited a couple of times and really enjoy it down there."

You mentioned that you think you have the potential to play four spots on the offensive line. Do you have experience playing on the inside? Is that something that you've been working on being flexible with all the different spots?
"That's definitely something I've been working on more in college. They definitely tried me out when I first got into college in the inside, but liked me better as an outside player. But I had practice all the way from high school into college being as a guard, putting my hand in the ground,doing a three-point stance. We were strictly in a two-point stance at tackle in college. But again, something when I was in my pro day prep and we had guys out there helping us with our position drills. That was something that they really emphasized was being able to be versatile. Make sure you can play the inside and outside."

2021 NFL draft photos of New Orleans Saints draft pick Landon Young, offensive tackle from the University of Kentucky.

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