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Quotes: Kawaan Baker shares New Orleans Saints Draft 2021 reactions

wide receiver shares his expectations on joining the team in his first Saints interview

New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Kawaan Baker
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Saturday, May 1, 2021

For those who aren't familiar with your game and who you are as a person describe yourself as a player and a human being?
"Man just me as a person I feel like people just have to know that I'm very humble very to myself and I'm very much a competitor. I've been a competitor all my life and everything. I'll say my game, just gave me the ball, so I made plays. I break tackles, I'm real fun to watch."

First just how special is this for you and also what's it like for someone who grew up in Atlanta being on the New Orleans Saints now?
"Man the moment is special man, just a blessing man. (I've) just been waiting on it my whole life and my dreams coming true. It don't know no matter where I'm from or where I go. I'm going to work hard, make the best of it. But coming from Atlanta, we Saints fans now."

You've been working your way toward New Orleans. I mean, you're just two hours away, right?
"Yeah, down in Mobile."

Where have you lined up the most and where do you envision yourself being the best fit wide receiver positions?
"Throughout my college career, I've probably lined up in the slot the most. So I'll say I'll have more success there, but I could definitely move around that's part of my game."

Could you say who your game is kind of like is just looking at your stats and watching some highlights?
"I'll say Deebo Samuel, just more of a physical, physical person and can move around make plays, break tackles. I'd relate it to him."

What's it like for you just knowing this type of offense that you're coming into and the success they have with wide receivers?"Yes, sir. I am very aware of it. That's why I was going to sign in free agency with them. Just to give me the best opportunity for myself and to have the best fit there."

You're the first University of South Alabama player drafted by the Saints since that program started. How much pride do you take in that?
"Being the first one, I take a lot of pride in just the hard work I put in for these four or five years I've been at South (Alabama), just making it out of South, in general, it's just huge and for the Saints to give me opportunities. It's a blessing, man. I just give it up to God and I'm going to make the most of it."

Did you say you would have signed with the Saints if you hadn't been drafted? Had you had talks with the saints about that already?
"Yes, sir. I was on the phone with them getting a contract over and everything and then I got a call again and Sean Payton was on the phone saying he had some good news and from there it was up."

2021 NFL draft photos of New Orleans Saints draft pick Kawaan Baker, wide receiver from the University of South Alabama.

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