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Quotes from Vikings QB Sam Bradford's teleconference, Thur., Sept. 7

Quotes from Vikings Quarterback Sam Bradford's conference call with the media Thursday.

Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Sam Bradford
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Thursday, September 7, 2017

How does Zach Line look to you from what you've seen in limited preseason action?
"Honestly, I haven't even watched him."

Have you two stayed in touch given the Sooner ties?
"Honestly, not a ton. I was a redshirt freshman when he was there. So we didn't really spend a whole lot of time when he was at Oklahoma. Obviously, I was here where he was here last year. I was on the field with him for a few games but other than that we haven't stayed super close."

How would you like to see Peterson greeted by the fans when he comes out of the tunnel?
"Honestly, I have a lot going on. I'm not too worried about how he's greeted when he comes out of the tunnel."

How are you settling in with the offense with a season under your belt?
"I feel good with what we're doing on offense. Obviously, I haven't been with Pat (Shurmur) before and Pat taking over last year, it was nice this offseason to really sit down and talk about things we thought we did well last year and things we thought we could improve. And how he felt we could do on all of those things. It's really only the second time in my career where I haven't been rehabbing. I've had the same offense and offensive coordinator going into a season. To really be able to focus on what we have been doing as an offense and our system. I think I have really enjoyed that part of the offseason."

From what you've seen of the Saints defense with preseason film, what are you general impressions?
"Obviously they have a lot of new faces compared to last year. They look like a good group. They contest a lot of throws. They look like they are physical. It looks like they run well so we know we're going to be in for a fight. We are doing our best to prepare for them right now."

What do you remember about the way Minnesota fans viewed and responded to Adrian Peterson?
"Obviously, I was only here for a couple of games when he was here. If you really want to know, you'd probably have to ask someone who really saw what it was like when he was here for 10 years. But obviously, he's a great player. I think he meant a lot to this organization and this community. I think that any team or any fan base that has a player of Adrian's caliber and the type of person he was (has that type of meaning). I think they were really supportive of him."

Was it tough at first to think about the Vikings without Peterson? Since he had been the face of the franchise for so long?
"I hate to give you the same answer but I just haven't been here very long. He only played a few games when I was here last year. I'm probably not the best person to really give you these answers. But I'm sure it was tough. I was here, and he played a few games when I was here. But I think anytime someone is with an organization for 10 years it's always probably a little strange to think of them playing for someone else."

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