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Quotes from Sean Payton's week 9 press conference - November 2, 2018

Head coach Sean Payton spoke to the media on Friday, Nov. 2

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton - Post-Practice Media Availability - Friday, November, 2, 2018

We haven't seen Trey Hendrickson this year. What do you think he can contribute if he gets an opportunity?
"He's been doing well. He had a good training camp. He's someone who's experienced and has a good motor. One of the things you do each week as you're preparing to play is you're preparing to play (in a game) and so we'll see if that opportunity arises. We'll see."

Marcus Davenport expressed a lot of optimism earlier in the week about possibly playing this week, but I'm assuming that's not in the conversation?
"We'll see. Again we don't really go into injuries with any of our guys."

What's the key there against their front just for your offensive line? Is it just organization, communication?
"Well their front is – it's an Okie structure. A lot of weak reduction or under defense. And in the base, there's certain things you have to do and the thing that's unique is they can play that structure in your nickel package, which is different than most. And understanding the runs. Also understanding the protections." 

When they trade for a guy like (Dante) Fowler, how do the coaches go about projecting what he'll do for them?
"I think initially is certainly sub-rush value in his first week. And who knows? You quickly adjust to who's in the game. We have film relative to his rushes this year and what he did when he was at Jacksonville. But you really can't control that though." 

How pleased have you been with your kicking game this year, between Wil (Lutz) and Thomas (Morstead)?
"I think those guys have been outstanding. It's a good challenge this week. This is one of the better special teams units. We feel like we are as well and they're well-coached. They present a lot of challenges. Their punter's a guy who's thrown the ball more than any – a lot of backup quarterbacks haven't had as many attempts as he has. But they do a real good job in changing field position. And I know John (Fassel) does an outstanding job coordinating it all."

I know you're focused on the game, but can you get a sense of the buzz around town about a game like this with a team that's undefeated?
"Not as much so because we are sitting (at the Ochsner Sports Performance Center in preparation) – Obviously it is a big game. It's an important game. Last week was as well. But we're here all the time, so you don't get to experience (the buzz) around town. But LSU is playing a big game on Saturday night. We have a big game on Sunday and it's a great weekend here."

With a younger team and just how the world's changed, how do you manage them on social media? Is that something you have to have constant conversation about?
"We haven't had really many issues. These guys are grown men and it's not like I'm reading all of their – (material)."

I just didn't know if you have somebody monitor it.
"Our guys have been good that way."

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