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Quotes from Sean Payton's Week 7 media availability - Friday, October 19

Head coach Sean Payton spoke to the media following practice on Friday, October 19

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton - Post-Practice Media Availability - Friday, October 19, 2018

We were surprised to see Ted Ginn go on IR?
"Hopefully, he will be able to come back off of it. He had a knee scope and we are just dealing with some inflammation. The scope went well. The rehab will take place and I spoke with him yesterday. So just look at that eight-week mark in which we can bring him back and I think that's very realistic."

Baltimore has the second-most pass attempts and fifth-most rushing attempts in the NFL, what is the challenging of defending their offense?
"Their time of possession has been real good. They're playing outstanding relative to complementary football. They're converting on third downs. Their red zone offense is near the top of the league. Their red zone defense is right there. All those things are a big reason why they're winning. They're a real good football team and well-coached. So the time of possession is significant in a game like this. Being able to get to the third downs and part of time of possession is converting. So the situational football is significant."

Does having Taysom (Hill) around help you prepare for how they use their quarterbacks?
"Yes, it's unique, so absolutely. They have another quarterback that can get that same type of look. There's some quarterback design runs that are really challenging. You're always looking at ideas and so as you're looking at their design runs you're looking at how they apply possibly to yourself. That's a package you have to be ready for. It's unique in this game that both teams have a similar situation relative to the ability to put another player on the field that way."  

How much fun has it been for you drawing up that packages of plays for Hill?
"They solve problems at times. You get certain looks and the challenge always is what's the adjustment by the defense. That's why I think for us it's important that we have a lot of offense where Taysom (Hill) is just part of the package as a receiver. That way it's not every time he's in it's a design (run) you know. That being said when he gets back to that quarterback position what's the adjustment and how do we react to it."  

Have you been coming up with new ideas on the fly for him that you had never previously really thought of before?
"The thoughts are different with him as a quarterback. Against New York we ran a pretty standard naked (bootleg). Things that we discussed with that package would be different than a year or two ago." 

As his role has grown, has his meeting schedule changed?
"It's still the same. He's with special teams to start and quarterbacks after that. Everything the quarterbacks are going through relative to routes, o that part of it is smooth. It's the first half hour of the quarterback meeting where he'd be in special teams."

(Alex) Okafor got back in time off that injury, but does it take a little while to get back into the groove?
"Any time you have a significant injury like that the doctors would tell you that it's still healing and getting better. He's playing well and I thought his rehab process, considering the injury, was outstanding."

The percentage of targets that Michael Thomas is catching is pretty historic compared to the past. What does that say about the connection between him and Drew and the type of receiver he is?
"I think a couple of things. Early in the season, obviously, the Tampa Bay game, he had 18 catches. He has outstanding hands in traffic. The challenge each week is you know when they lean to safety, (Eric) Weddle, leans to X. All those things go into the equation when you're putting packages together, but it's awfully important to him. He's someone that you know we move around some to help maybe get him off of a double. Sometimes it's more challenging than others depending on the situation."

What about the catch percentage?
"It's unique and it's a high number. Statistically right now after five games, you want that percentage to be where it's at. And yet, you recognized that you know as he's playing the way he's playing, you know he'll continue to get more attention and that's a good thing."

Does taking Ted Ginn Jr's speed off the offense do anything different?
"Tre'Quan (Smith) we feel like is someone that runs really well. I mean there's certain things that Ted gave you that he did really (well). But last week we got a chance to see Tre'Quan's opportunities change And that was a good thing."

How have you seen Vonn Bell play this year?
"Good, he's playing real well. He's explosive, I think his understanding of what we're doing defensively has (been) good. I think he's played real well."

Is Jermon Bushrod not injured?
"Yeah, it's just a personal matter."

Can you make some comments on what John Harbaugh brings to the table?
"He and I were together with the Eagles way back when it was his first pro job and my first pro job. We were in Philadelphia. I got there, I want to say in 97 and he got there in 98. He's a tremendous coach, he is extremely thorough and detailed. I think when you look at just the history that he's had there in Baltimore they've won a championship there, they've competed countless times in the postseason. They're going to be a tough, smart team, defensively and offensively the same way. The kicking game has always been at the top of the league. There's a ton of respect for him. He's I think a fantastic coach."

Why did you wear the Pelicans visor?
"My twitter blew up and I didn't realize why and then I realized Alvin (Gentry) had a Saints hat on, but the one thing it was kind of hard to find an a visor. Alvin had a hat on and I found the visor though. They play at home tonight so we are pulling for them."

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